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Aftermath AMASS a new West Midlands Arts Collective opens up at the Asylum Gallery


AMASS a new West Midlands Arts Collective opens up at the Asylum Gallery

by Ancient Champion, Columnist
first published: May, 2023

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AFTERMATH Asylum Gallery Wolverhampton May 12th - June 23rd

Aftermath PosterAFTERMATH
Asylum Gallery
May 12th - June 23rd

AFTERMATH, opening on Friday, May 12th at the Asylum Gallery in Wolverhampton is a group show put together by the exciting new West Midlands Arts Collective, AMASS. 

AMASS was founded by Birmingham City University MA graduates, who upon completing their studies with a breakout show in Birmingham in 2022, wanted to avoid that flat spot of wondering… “what next?” Or waiting for something to happen. Instead they took matters into their own hands by forming AMASS, which is open to all, and assembling Aftermath, their first independent show.

The group connected with Corin, founder of the Asylum Gallery, at the Asylum's recent Open Studio evening and agreed to take over the Wolverhampton arts space for an extended period until June 23rd.

The show is divided into two iterations, with a brief break between to enable the group to stage the second part of the event. Seven artists will feature in each iteration of the show. 

AqsaEach opening night will feature artist talks, walks, music, performance, opportunities to get involved and an introduction to the goals of the collective.

There will be additional opening events on June 2nd, when they launch the second swathe of artists, and again on the final night, June 23rd when the collective’s small press fanzine will be launched. It's exciting to see the talent and motivation of this independent group getting this show together. There is a clear sense from the artists that the Aftermath is only the beginning. 

About The Asylum Art Gallery & Art Studio Spaces
With multiple venues in the city centre, 'The Asylum' art gallery was initially founded by Corin Stephenson Salter in September 2014 , renovating a disused Warehouse in Chapel Ash. We are passionate about regeneration and the nurturing of art within the community, by providing space to showcase work, develop new ideas and engage artists in exploration. Through collaboration with other local venues and spaces, our aim is to provide; the freedom of expression within any field and through collective initiatives, strengthen the development and use of art within the community and region. Regenerating disused spaces for the development of art is integral to improving the district and the self-esteem and pride of the community.  Our priority is to provide opportunities for artists to professionally exhibit their work and our visual contemporary arts program focuses on local narratives with political and socio-economic concerns.

These spaces support the local community and co-create an Artist Quarter where we mentor local creatives and engage communities in multidisciplinary artwork with a focus on regional voices and interwoven narratives of difference.

Essential Information
Asylum Gallery
May12th - June 23rd
opening May 12th 6-9pm

The Asylum Art Gallery's website is here⇒

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