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What Just Happened... in May These are the big stories you guys read in May

What Just Happened... in May

These are the big stories you guys read in May

by OL House Writer,
first published: June, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

It's Number One, Alan Rider talks to Chris Low of the Apostles about Crass, becoming an anarchist punk at 11, and breaking down musical barriers...

What Just Happened? Here are the most popular stories we published in Outsideleft in May 2023. Thanks ot all of our writers for their stellar contributions. Join us. We're writing the future right here.

  1. Cease and Resist by Alan Rider
    Alan Rider talks to Chris Low of the Apostles about Crass, becoming an anarchist punk at 11, and breaking down musical barriers
  2. Why Roxy Music Mattered by Tim London
    Roxy Music - Live, Montreux, 29 April 1973
  3. Non-Stop by Alan Rider
    Alan Rider listens to Soft Cell's Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret...And Other Stories
  4. Reach For Your Culture Gun by Jay Lewis
    The Blue Aeroplanes Get Political
  5. Track by Track: Palace of a Thousand Sounds by Whatitdo Archive Group by Ancient Champion
    Alexander Korostinsky talks us through the new LP, track by track
  6. It all started with a Big Band by Alan Rider
    Monika Roscher talks about how her groundbreaking Big Band hold it all together, Witchy Activities and wearing a lightsuit
  7. Songs of Solitude and Singularity by Jay Lewis
    Josienne Clarke's remarkable songbook, revisited
  8. It's RM Francis Week in Outsideleft by LamontPaul
    Black Country Writer RM Francis takes over Outsideleft. All Week.
  9. Teethgraters: The Records RM Francis would go to the Ends of the Earth to Never Hear Again by Ancient Champion
    RM Francis Week in Outsideleft concludes in the time honoured way - with a little hate for the music that irritates...
  10. Aftermath by Ancient Champion
    AMASS a new West Midlands Arts Collective opens up at the Asylum Gallery
  11. Melancholy | Snowman  by Wayne Dean-Richards
    Two new poems from Wayne Dean-Richards
  12. Ancient Champion: Anachronism Is The UK by Ancient Champion
    Stunning myself in the garden. Taking it all in.
  13. Bender (1984) by Jay Lewis
    The Sunday Morning Poet
  14. Simon Perkins' Lurgy by John Robinson
    John Robinson dips into surreal connections and imagery, daydreams and daymares
  15. The Week Interview. RM Francis by Ancient Champion
    RM Francis Week continues with wide ranging interview...
  16. Inside the mind of a Pop Producer by Tim Sparks
    Tim Sparks talks to Adam Fiasco about producing music with new artists
  17. Things I Overheard at Cruel World 2023 by Spanish Pantalones
    Oh, the things you'll hear people talking about in Pasadena
  18. The Sunday Morning Poet by LamontPaul
    Our new weekly poetry program begins next Sunday
  19. Igor, Sylvie and Cory by LamontPaul
    Sylvie Courvoisier and Cory Smythe reinterpret Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring
  20. It's Rock'n'Roll Suicide by Alan Rider
    Suicide's Way of Life



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