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The Jenny McCann Bear Bookshop Column Books News and Events now that summer has arrived at the Bear Bookshop

The Jenny McCann Bear Bookshop Column

Books News and Events now that summer has arrived at the Bear Bookshop

by Jenny McCann, Owner, Bear Bookshop
first published: June, 2023

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Another Black Country based author, Kerry Hadley-Price was one of the authors at the Quiet Night Out event and her book God's Country sold out almost immediately!

Bear Books LogoI can see through the bookshop window that summer is really here. This month for my Outsideleft column I've added some highly recommended and much talked about summer reads and also a few of the many events we are hosting throughout the month.

New events are added the whole time so please drop into the shop to keep up with what is happening.

Stand Up
Written by local poet Steven Camden, this is a great read for anyone who went to secondary school in the 90s (or anyone who is at secondary school now!) Written in verse form, this is a book that requires no effort at all to read, but has plenty of emotional impact. A truly relatable and unique novel that you can sit and consume in a single sitting.

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loud coverABI DARE
The Girl with the Louding Voice
(Vintage Press)
This was our book group choice for May and was a unanimous success. Adunni. The book’s heroine experiences some  truly harrowing life experiences, and if described to you the circumstances of the book it would all sound terribly depressing-but her resilience, hope and optimism turned some very serious subject matter into a  truly uplifting read.
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(Vintage Press)
Dream-like, poetic and spiritual this is a book our customers have been raving about this month. A re-telling of the story of St Cuthbert, unofficial patron saint of the North of England. This is a book that will make you want to reflect, think deeply and submerge yourself deeply into its pages. Experimental in structure and style it’s unique and atmospheric. One to read if you want to forget the world around you for an afternoon.
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God’s Country
Another Black Country based author, Kerry Hadley-Price was one of the authors at the Quiet Night Out event and her book God’s Country sold out almost immediately! The central character, Guy, returns to the Black Country for the funeral of his identical twin brother and as he does so, the reasons behind his departure are revealed. A chilling and compelling read that will remain with you long after you have closed the final page. 

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Demon Copperhead

This re-telling of David Copperfield by Barbara Kingsolver has been getting rave reviews. The plot is fast-paced and drags you into the book like a current into a stream. Through a series of adverse life experiences, this is a strong narrative of social injustice and the cruelties of life. If you are looking for something to read that is absorbing and dramatic, this would be a perfect choice.

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Selected Bear Bookshop Events for June
(check in store for even more events)

14th June (10am)-Mini athletics taster 9Walking-3 years olds

15th June 11am-Mandy Ross-poetry reading and writing session (age 5+)
17th June-Gulwali Passarlay-Afgahn author talking about his experiences as a refugee. 
22nd June-Actor Clive Mantle coming for an informal Q&A about his acting work and his children’s book series The Freddie Malone Adventures. 
23rd June-Bilinguasing learn Italian taster session (suitable for babies/toddlers)
24th June-Midsummer storytime with Adrian Johnson.

Essential Information
The Bear Bookshop is at 588 Bearwood Road.
The Bear Bookshop website is here


Jenny McCann
Owner, Bear Bookshop

Jenny McCann's is the owner of Bear Bookshop in Bearwood which she opened in 2020. The Bear Bookshop which is a great example of how essential and what a local indie bookstore can be. Jenny also was one of the 2022 Outsideleft short story competition judges.

The Bear Bookshop is online here:

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FRIDAY MARCH 1st, Cork's in Bearwood




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