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You Cunts The latest poem from Wayne Dean-Richards' It's a Mad World, But Funny collection

You Cunts

The latest poem from Wayne Dean-Richards' It's a Mad World, But Funny collection

by Wayne Dean-Richards,
first published: June, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

'you cunts' is only the latest poem from the forthcoming Wayne Dean-Richards collection, It's a Mad World But Funny... links to them all at the bottom of the page

Wayne Dean-Richards has shared 18 poems for us to publish during 2023. The collection is called It's a Mad World, But Funny. Eventually there will be a free, downloadable PDF of all the poems and a planned A6 compendium too. (Links to all of the poems way down the page.)


you cunts

at me again for fucking up
and being late
arriving with a dose of the farts
the result
of too much of everything
the night before.
and it’s fucking cold
and more sleep would be good
oh, and a crap.
(best get the order
right there)
but instead
after a slog through angry traffic
here I am again
at the fucking workface
being badgered
being hectored
the usual crises raining down
and the noise next door
and all the arse-kissers just as smug as ever
forcing me
to drink coffee until
my head’s ready to explode
when, unexpectedly,
I grab sheets and fucking sheets
of paper
and write on them with a BIG
permanent marker
then stand up
and hold up what I’ve written
for all to see
laughing at their shocked slappy faces
when they read:

© Wayne Dean-Richards

Essential Info
The 18 poems comprising Wayne Dean-Richards' IT'S A MAD WORLD BUT FUNNY series are listed below.  Outsideleft will be publishing them all throughout 2023. A free downloadable PDF and a limited edition A6 Outsideleft Booklet (for neither profit or loss) of these poems will be available at the end. But not till the end. I am pretty sure that means November...

Wayne Dean-Richards

Wayne Dean-Richards works with short stories and the novel. His work has been published in magazines and anthologies in the UK and the US. Some of that work can be found in his collection Cuts, available here

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