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Sunday Morning Poet: Gracey Bee A Day At My Local Park

Sunday Morning Poet: Gracey Bee

A Day At My Local Park

by OL House Writer,
first published: July, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

Gracey Bee's poem, 'A Day At My Local Park' is a new poem we first saw her perform at the Offa Press monthly social at the Lych Gate in Wolverhampton and we were wowed!



Gracey Bee is a performance poet, storyteller, events host, organiser and facilitator. She also tours schools within Birmingham, with a local theatre company and has worked with libraries and art galleries.

Some of her work was published in 2022 ‘New Voices' by Offa's Press, in 2021 in 'Bedtime Stories, Tales for Children' and recently in 2023 by the 'Faith Initiative' magazine. She's headlined many online and live events, including 'Island Fusion' at the Wolverhampton Literature Festival and also at the Ironbridge Festival of the Imagination, also City Voices, Yes we cant (Alf Ender), Virtual Voices, Ooh Beehive and The Quiet Compere. Gracey has been featured on different radio shows including BBC WM, Black Country Radio, Black Country Xtra and Newstyle Radio. In 2022 she was a Ledbury Festival Poetry Slam finalist.

Gracey's aim when performing is to inspire, enlighten and entertain... sometimes using her distinctive Jamaican dialect (patois). Her poetry promises to be as sweet as honey and refreshing to the soul.



The park is one of my peaceful retreats,
Especially on a nice, tranquil sunny day.
Today, everything seems to be going in a good way.

I found a comfy, shaded seat in my local park.
The spot chosen is not too bright, not too dark.
But it's somewhere that's giving my creativity a spark. 

I'm surrounded by very friendly, super confident ducks, 
A fish jumps up from the green lake in front, to see it was my luck. 
A camera-shy swan swims by, its long neck in the water it sunk. 

So I focus my camera instead on the majestic trees surrounding the lake. 
I take photos of the view as I stand in the sun's heat and bake.
I admire the scenery, sipping on my drink, biting into a delicious slice of cake. 

Many families are taking and posing for various pictures.
A little boy runs off from his group, but gets a harsh lecture,
To the left, an awkward date, is saved by a romantic gesture, 

As white and grey feathers decorate the light blue sky, 
A pigeon comes by, begging for crumbs, acting also a bit shy. 
A guy asks for my number, I say I'm taken, yes a white lie. 

His further questioning is drowned out by the ducks squabbling unrest, 
I tell him to be careful, as he walks backwards, not to step in their mess. 
He thinks it's an invitation to come back, 'Far beyond it,' I light heartedly confess... 

'I am writing this beautiful scenery as I see it, that's my only interest.' 
'So you're a writer?' he asks and thus a new conversation starts. 
We chat for a bit, til I say, 'I must get back to my poetry,' and he departs. 

But he turns back, with a cheeky grin, 'So no number then?' 'No.' I reply with a smile, 
Half hour later, another guy sits nearby, with polite small talk,
which goes on for a short while. 
Another fish splashes up, out and back into the water, 'Let's
guess where will it emerge next time?' he smiles. 

In the background, I hear the footballers energetically cheering away. 
Their enthusiasm and chants for the sport, help to make my day.
A group of teens sing at the top of their voices, as their loud. speaker plays. 

As my gaze slowly goes to the bridge nearby, upon which many now stroll. 
The temperature suddenly drops, sun is hidden, it grows cold.
Despite the chill, families are still bringing picnic blankets to unfold. 

Joyous laughter and fun conversations, now begin to fill the air. 
Birds in clusters, fly even higher, towards the clouds without a care, 
Children skip stones across the water, giving the poor ducks a scare. 

Oh I could sit here and write... this ever changing park scene forever, 
But at this point in just a sleeveless top, I am really starting to shiver. 
I hope my experiences, as they happened, I have effectively delivered... 

It was such a nice day, despite the suns 'on and off' heat...
To get out of the house, admire nature, many people to greet.
Happiness all around, so find a park, relax, write and hey...
don't forget... your tasty treats.

© Gracey Bee



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