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What Just Happened in August A summer slowdown in stories but still you guys a read a lot of disparate bits and bobs

What Just Happened in August

A summer slowdown in stories but still you guys a read a lot of disparate bits and bobs

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: September, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

Slade back on top like it's Christmas all over again

SladeThese are the Top 10 stories that you reader got stuck into the most in August...

  1. Whatever Happened To Slade? 2023-08-13 by Ancient Champion
    Daryl Easlea produces the first in depth look at the iconic band in 30 years
  2. Sunday Morning Poet: Steve Pottinger 2023-08-12 by OL House Writer
    This weeks poem: The Polski Sklep Has Closed Its Doors
  3. The Sinclairs Have Started So They'll Finish 2023-08-08 by Alan Rider
    Alan Rider talks Misfits, Monkeys Tails, and Mummified Mavis with Rat Scabies and Billy Shinbone
  4. Whistle Stop: Making Music TV for the Indie Generation 2023-08-23 by LamontPaul
    Ben from indie Music TV show Whistle Stop takes Outsideleft on tour
  5. Introducing... Outsideleft's Studio 67 2023-08-17 by Ancient Champion
    Studio 67 is our new monthly speakeasy danceclub in Cork's Lounge in Bearwood
  6. The Sunday Morning Poet: Wayne Dean Richards 2023-08-20 by Wayne Dean-Richards
    Dostoevsky didn't have to put up with this
  7. The Stars Shine Tonight 2023-08-10 by Jay Lewis
    Stephen Duffy's journey on the long and winding road to his finest album.
  8. Wayne Signs 2023-08-22 by Ancient Champion
    Poet Wayne Dean-Richards drops by to sign copies of his forthcoming collection from Outsideleft Booklets
  9. Their Last Waltz... 2023-08-11 by Jay Lewis
    The grim reaper has been busy this week
  10. It's Morning Somewhere 2023-08-17 by Ogglypoogly
    Ogglypoogly gets mixed metaphorical vibes while listening to Morning Tourist's Endless Eve

Founder & Publisher

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