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Terms and Conditions Erin is our Sunday Morning Poet

Terms and Conditions

Erin is our Sunday Morning Poet

by OL House Writer,
first published: October, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

'Once fully operational feel free to escalate from touch to the transactional robotics you have engaged in time and again...'

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This week's poet is Erin, an English Literature student at the University of Warwick who also writes for numerous University publications and, whenever possible, Outsidleft too! 

To them, poetry has always served as a form of exploration and catharsis for them and the world around them.  'Terms and Conditions'  is focused on the dehumanisation of women, the role of desire in our society, and how current ideals about dating and sex can reduce women in their ability to cater to male fantasies. 

Erin is also writing their first novel 'The Last Two Weeks'.


Terms and Conditions

Over time, each part of the body was assembled.
Its arms, legs, hips, cunt, and hair were all placed together, creating a fully operative model.

A creation for your own personal usage.


Each fibre is primed to register your touch, the way your sweating palms fit around it and
find a spot on the small of the back.

The newest models are more accustomed to these forms of contact so you are able to be
more liberal in your treatment of them.
We are continuing to update our model for your own desires, they are no longer as rigid as
they have been.

Once fully operational feel free to escalate from touch to the transactional robotics you have
engaged in time and again. The way their breath flutters, their heart leaps and the way its cunt
throbs as all designed for you.

As loyal customers your pleasure is our priority, Nothing else.


We have generated a blank canvas for you to slather your paints across, turning them
into your own personal muse. Something to be discarded when it becomes soiled and
For a better, more responsive and innocent model.
We assembled them for you,

Everything from the arms to the legs to the hips to the cunt and the hair.
A fully operative model.



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