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Top 20 Top most read stories in Outsideleft September 2023...

Top 20

Top most read stories in Outsideleft September 2023...

by OL House Writer,
first published: October, 2023

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The top 20 most widely read stories in Outsideleft in September 2023

September was an exciting month at Outsideleft, deviating slightly, and you know how much we love deviation -  deviating slightly from our normal fare of unknowns and unknowables, Alan Rider scooped two big, massive and idiosyncratic interviews. The founding member of The Cure, Lol Tolhurst, mainly discussed his new book of Goth; and an interview with Alaura O'Dell formerly of Psychic TV, which sort of, if these things could actually happen, would have melted our servers like a run on the FTX cyrptocurrency exchange. Truly, that big. And as we look down this list of hits, so much great stuff in one month. Don't ask how we do it unless you love idk's.

  1. Surviving Genesis by Alan Rider
    Alaura O'Dell (Paula P-Orridge) talks to Alan Rider about Psychic TV, misogyny, exile, living on $5 a day and reclaiming her past.
  2. Drinking the Krambambuli with Momus by John Robinson
    John Robinson suspects Momus remains the gamekeeper and the poacher
  3. Postcards from the Front Line of Rock by Alan Rider
    Alan Rider delves into the visual testimony of music in Minneapolis as captured by Brian Garrity
  4. Open House by Jay Lewis
    Follow the trail of Birmingham Open Studios
  5. A Cure For Goth by Alan Rider
    Alan Rider delves deep into Cure founder member Lol Tolhurst's new book on Goth music and culture
    Kerry Hadley Price
  6. Kerry Hadley-Pryce by Ancient Champion
  7. dada Joaozinho's Rhythms of Resilience: from Sombre Lockdown to Stardom by Sofia Ribeiro Willcox
    Sofia Ribeiro Willcox listens to dada Joaozinho's tds bem Global and likes what she hears...
  8. Sunday Morning Poet: R.M. Francis by OL House Writer
    R.M. Francis delivers Crepuscular Rays for a Sunday Morning
  9. Auto Erotica by Alan Rider
    Alan Rider quizzes Augustus (Gus) Muller (Boy Harsher) on his new soundtrack to Four Chambers film 'Crash' and 'Automaton' and whether a musical future in films is looming?
  10. One Imaginary Goth by Alan Rider
    Alan Rider talks to The Cure co-founder Lol Tolhurst about Curious Creatures, getting back to recording basics, and his new book; Goth: A History
  11. Sunday Morning Poet: Neil Campbell by Neil Campbell
    The Multivitamin, Painkilling Nightmare
  12. Soundscapes of Solitude: Exploring Isolationism by Sofia Ribeiro Willcox
    Sofia Ribeiro Willcox hears experimental Brazilian guitarist, Carlos Ferreira
  13. HORACE OVÉ by Tim London
    Pioneering director of the first full-length films about Black people in the UK
  14. Sunday Morning Poet: Double Dose, Part 2 by Wayne Dean-Richards
    Wayne Dean-Richards' the cleaner
  15. Swell by Rowena Murphy
    Rowena Murphy's antediluvian navigations
  16. The Turbulent Story of Oi! by Tim London
    Simon Spence writes the Turbulent Story of Oi! Arguably Britain's most successful late 20th century cultural export
  17. The Sunday Morning Poet: Jay Lewis by Jay Lewis
    Jay Lewis' The Starling alights on the Sunday Morning Poetry Perch
  18. Bear Bookshop Book Of the Month: The Marriage Portrait by Jenny McCann
    Jenny McCann says Maggie O'Farrell's The Marriage Portrait is Unputdownable
  19. Sunday Morning Poet: Double Dose, Part 1 by OL House Writer
    A rare Sunday Morning Poet Double Dose, Part 1 Paul Mortimer pines for Amy...
  20. Step Inside This House by Jay Lewis
    The overlooked majesty of The House of Love



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