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Transformational Journey Gracey Bee is our Sunday Morning Poet

Transformational Journey

Gracey Bee is our Sunday Morning Poet

by OL House Writer,
first published: October, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

Gracey Bee will join other poets writers and musicians at the Bear Bookshop in Bearwood on National Bookshop Day, Saturday October 14th at 6pm.

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This week's Sunday Morning Poem comes from Gracey Bee... Gracey Bee is a performance poet, storyteller, events host, organiser and facilitator. She also tours schools within Birmingham, with a local theatre company and has worked with libraries and art galleries.

"This poem was created in a creative class, where the challenge was to use the word ‘Transformational’ to compose a poem, within a few minutes. It written in such a way, as if your future self / a mentor / someone who you look up to or a Supreme Being/ God, is speaking to you, after seeing your future. (As if they are telling or reminding one, to stay focus on the future and all it’s possibilities, not the past or current obstacles). I hope it inspires someone..." Gracey Bee

Transformational Journey

I see you but I don’t know you.
For I only see what you can become.

I see your untold story,
I hear your unsung song.

Unlike you or others, I don’t focus on your past,
Even though, it made you who you are today.
You need to separate yourself from that,
And go this new remarkable way.

I see you wanting to emerge,
Like a butterfly, from a cocoon,

But sometimes you hold yourself back,
Lately procrastinating, getting (a little) off track.

This future is yours to behold.
Your successes will soon be told.

But you must step forth now... and be bold,
Transformation’s inevitable, for a life full of gold!

© Gracey Bee



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