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Sunday Morning Poet: Sofia Ribeiro-Willcox Sofia Ribeiro-Willcox's Glass Onion is today's Sunday Morning Poem

Sunday Morning Poet: Sofia Ribeiro-Willcox

Sofia Ribeiro-Willcox's Glass Onion is today's Sunday Morning Poem

by Sofia Ribeiro Willcox, Cultural Exchanger and Explorer
first published: November, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

Sofia Ribeiro-Willcox is a UK based Brazilian writer and graduate of the Wolverhampton creative writing program...

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Sofia Ribeiro-Willcox often find herself feeling nostalgic on Sundays, and a recent visit to Wolverhampton home town of her University reignited those emotions, similar to the Brazilian concept of 'saudade.' Inspired by this, Sofia has written Glass Onion for our Sunday Poem.



smells like flat’s spirit
it was ours to own it.

drunk on memories,
eight intense months.

another bump,
we’re strangers

hold on a past.
house of glass

flat was intact,
shards attack
on every room.

© Sofia Ribeiro-Willcox

Essential Information
Main image from Pexels by Anastasia Shuraeva 

Sofia Ribeiro Willcox
Cultural Exchanger and Explorer

Sofia has a BA with Hons in Creative and Professional Writing and Film and Television Studies from the University of Wolverhampton (2020-2023). Born in Brazil, Sofia is an enthusiast of pop culture (cinephile and melophile), social sciences (snowflake generation), and poetry (lusophone).

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