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The Most Widely Read Outsideleft Stories of 2023 You read 'em

The Most Widely Read Outsideleft Stories of 2023

You read 'em

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: December, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

No.1 by miles and miles, Alan Rider's interview with Alaura O'Dell

2023 has been an incredible year for features in Outsideleft. We're grateful to all of the writers and readers who made this list of the Top 50 stories. Alaura O'Dell should know, people are really, really interested in your story... Horace, Vashti, Mark and Momus all made the top 5. Don't know which magazines match that.

  1. Surviving Genesis
    Alaura O'Dell (Paula P-Orridge) talks to Alan Rider about Psychic TV, misogyny, exile, living on $5 a day and reclaiming her past. by Alan Rider
  2. The Art of Being A Special
    Former Specials bassist Horace Panter talks expansively to Alan Rider about losing Terry Hall, life after The Specials, flat art, the Dirt Road Band, selfie culture, and extreme calligraphy. by Alan Rider
  3. A Road Without End
    Vashti Bunyan talks to Jay Lewis about her moving memoir 'Wayward' by Jay Lewis
  4. Lost In Room
    Outsideleft talks to original punk pioneer Mark Perry about the upcoming book on the early years of Alternative TV, hardback homicide, the curse of nostalgia, and Crass cufflinks. by Alan Rider
  5. Psychogeographical Sounds
    Momus releases Issyvoo by John Robinson
  6. Talking About Queer Blues
    Tim London talks to Darryl W. Bullock about his history of Black and Black LGBTQ+ Artists by Tim London
  7. Metallica's Cinematic Spectacular
    Metallica are one of those rare artists so closely watched, that the release of a new LP is a media event. Dr. Richard Bennett went along to the Electric Screen to take a look by Dr. Richard Bennett
  8. Alternative TV Take Direct Action
    Alternative TV's first album in eight years takes a new and disturbing twist... by Alan Rider
  9. Wayne Dean-Richards new poetry series begins here
    a father's advice to a son being interviewed to work on the Coventry Ring Road - 1958 by Wayne Dean-Richards
  10. I'm Cool Thanks. How Are You?
    Callum Easter Doesn't Meet Sheridan Coyle by Sheridan Coyle
  11. Hitting the G Spot
    Alan Rider talks counter culture, interconnected circles and her love for Goth with Season of The Witch author Cathi Unsworth by Alan Rider
  12. Why Roxy Music Mattered
    Roxy Music - Live, Montreux, 29 April 1973 by Tim London
  13. How Music Saved Miki Berenyi From Success
    Indie Superstar Miki Berenyi talks about her career and her memoir, Fingers Crossed: How Music Saved Me From Success by Ancient Champion
  14. A Message For You
    Book Now to see Adrian Goldberg in conversation with 2 Tone author Daniel Rachel, discussing Daniel's new book 'Too Much Too Young' by Alan Rider
  15. John Robb's deep in the Art of Darkness
    Alan Rider reviews John Robb's A History of Goth, The Art of Darkness by Alan Rider
  16. Is It All About Feeding Bono's Ego At This Point
    When does U2 realize that the best thing for it is a calm, dignified hiatus? by Alarcon
  17. Welcome, Caroline Polachek
    It's Polachek's second album and 'nothing's gonna be the same again...' by Erin
  18. Hania Rani: On Giacometti
    A soundtrack celebrating the great artist. by Jay Lewis
  19. Track by Track: Palace of a Thousand Sounds by Whatitdo Archive Group
    Alexander Korostinsky talks us through the new LP, track by track by Ancient Champion
  20. Drinking the Krambambuli with Momus
    John Robinson suspects Momus remains the gamekeeper and the poacher by John Robinson
  21. The Jenny McCann Bear Bookshop Column
    Books News and Events now that summer has arrived at the Bear Bookshop by Jenny McCann
  22. Words and Music: Bill Pritchard & Patrick Woodcock
    'Bill Pritchard Sings Poems by Patrick Woodcock' is a fascinating and rewarding experience. . by Jay Lewis
  23. Neutral Milk Hotel Will Live Forever
    All goes on and on, inside the Neutral Milk Hotel box set by Ogglypoogly
  24. Is Indie Pop Alive and Kicking?
    Tim Sparks asks Indie Pop band The Resolve to give us the answer... by Tim Sparks
  25. On Making: An interview with Cassis B Staudt
    Cassis B Staudt talks about Composing the Searching for Fritz Kann Original Soundtrack by LamontPaul
  26. The Dollcanoes Give You Pure, Classic Punky-Poppy DIY Fun and Nonsensical Gorgeousness!
    It's T R U E... The Dollcanoes are the best band you might not have seen yet... by Ancient Champion
  27. A Soundtrack for Stanford
    Jay Lewis marvels at Senestra's compelling debut by Jay Lewis
  28. Obrigado Pele!
    Sofia Ribeiro Willcox remembers the difference Pele made off the field by Sofia Ribeiro Willcox
  29. What Good Does It Do Us To Confront Despair?
    Neil Scott's review of Darren Aronofsky's film, The Whale by Neil Scott
  30. Meredith Bates Takes a Violin to the Edge
    On her new LP, Tesseract, Meredith Bates takes the violin to the very edge of its capabilities by Toon Traveller
  31. Outsideleft at SXSW: Angel Applicant - Documentary Review
    Lake looks at the winning doc in the SXSW Grand Jury Awards by Lake
  32. One Imaginary Goth
    Alan Rider talks to The Cure co-founder Lol Tolhurst about Curious Creatures, getting back to recording basics, and his new book; Goth: A History by Alan Rider
  33. Alan Rankine, More Than Qualified
    Alan Rankine shared his spectacular success in the best way he could by Tim London
  34. Sunday Morning Poet: Neil Campbell
    The Multivitamin, Painkilling Nightmare by Neil Campbell
  35. Revolutionary Spirit: A post-punk exorcism
    DJ Fuzzyfelt reads one of the great Liverpool music biographies by Paul Simpson by DJ Fuzzyfelt
  36. Swell
    Rowena Murphy's antediluvian navigations by Rowena Murphy
  37. Something Strange is Going on Here
    Greg. A true story from Paul Burns by Paul Burns
  38. Kerry Hadley-Pryce
    Interview by Ancient Champion
    Lake's notes from a dozen short films shown as part of SXSW Film 2023 by Lake
  40. Glenn Hardy Jr.: A Portrait of an American
    Outsideleft Arts & Design Editor Chantal talks to a rising star of American painting, Glenn Hardy Jr. by Chantal
  41. No Yoga, Not in the Air, Not Tonight
    Museumgoer 21 is here and it's a big one by Ancient Champion
  42. Sunday Morning Poet: Emma Purshouse
    This weeks poem: Black Country Day Savers by OL House Writer
  43. Whistle Stop: Making Music TV for the Indie Generation
    Ben from indie Music TV show Whistle Stop takes Outsideleft on tour by LamontPaul
  44. Tom Verlaine
    Carried Away by Tim London
  45. Goin' Back To My Industrial Roots
    Meave Haughey reads the new short story collection from Lisa Pike by Meave Haughey
  46. Who Am I If I Don't Represent?
    Glenn Hardy Jr at the Charlie James Gallery by Lee Paul
  47. False Lankum by Lankum
    Lankum's fourth album is full of strange delights. by Jay Lewis
  48. Scott Covert - C'est La Vie
    Lake on the first UK show from grave rubbing artist Scott Covert. by Lake
  49. Robert Wringham Takes An Early Bath
    John Robinson takes a long soak with Robert Wringham by John Robinson
  50. Jina & Kate's Cat Powered Conversation
    Artist Kate Groobey's work is featured at Art Brussels by Ancient Champion

Main Alaura O'Dell by Jade Turgel

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