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All The 2023 Weeks in Music in One Place Another component of our conformist Jamboree... The gregorian calendar beats us into a submissive, appeasing y'all with lists...

All The 2023 Weeks in Music in One Place

Another component of our conformist Jamboree... The gregorian calendar beats us into a submissive, appeasing y'all with lists...

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: December, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

That's a lot of reviews.

So here it is... a 2023 jamboree. All of the Weeks in Music in one place (I think I got them all) assembled in the quantities consumed by our readers of which there are actually possibly millions. Which is totally weird to think about.

How many records did Outsideleft review in 2023? Why that would be...1118 (out of maybe 43,800,000 releases - dude our ears are weak!!!)

We liked a lot of records a lot... 
421 (37%) received the max 5 Hearts
Liked a lot some
300 (27%) were given 4 Hearts
Had middling feelings about many
144 (13%) got 3 Hearts
Weren't keen
105 (37%) managed only 2 Hearts
Didn't like much at all
86 (37%) got just 1 Heart - that's barely one a week. Come on! We need more outright nihilism.

And we didn't bother with too much music we crazily hated, only 60 or so were Zero Hearted reviews.

I won't be doing this math next year, anyone ever wondered what the bad jobs with no wages at an online magazine are, come join us, we can work you all day with stupid ideas. And then you get to write too.


November 3rd Outsideleft Week in Fireworks Music
We're hearing from... Arnold Dreyblatt, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Democratize, Callum Easter, Tone Generator & The Body Without Organs, We Owe, A Blaze Colour, Lewsberg, DJ Rashad, The Beatles, Brad stank, Gazelle Twin, Jacques Brel, Rolling Stones, Nicole Rampersaud, Lol Tolhurst X Budgie X Jacknife Lee, Marc Almond and Mike Garson, Darkplace, Duran Duran, Only Ones, Ruiqi Wang, Night Nail and The Lunar Laugh

March 10th Outsideleft Week in Music: Glorious Games with El Michels and Black Thought
We're hearing from... El Michels Affair and Black Thought, TEKE::TEKE, New Order, Sparks, Tom Waits, Jeremy Gluck and Paul Hazel, Simply Red, Eddie Chacon, Rudy De Anda, De La Soul, Lisa Said, Esben & The Witch, Scott Crow, Glitter Wizard, Eyesore & The Jinx, Iguana Death Cult, AJJ, McKinley-Dixon, Laura T, Alice Low, Joanna Sternberg, David Heatley, Beach Fossils, Bobby Harden and the Soulful Saints, Dippers, Les Imprimes, Evangeline Playboys, Alma, Anika + NI Vash and The Tallest Man on Earth

March 3rd Outsideleft Week in Music with Galen and Paul
We're hearing from... Galen & Paul, Big Thief, Gorillaz, The Strokes, Brother Lee, Sau Paulo Underground, Mandy Indiana, The Sextones, Royal Arctic Institute, Natural Information Society, The Blue Aeroplanes, Hello Mary, Attrition, Fishbone, Terzo, Christopher Butterfield, Monika Roscher Bigband, Fetty Wap, Eric Angelo Bessel, Nuha Ruby Ra, Delerium, Easy Star All-Stars and Charming Disaster

February 24th Outsideleft Week in Music: Everything But The Girl are Back
with: Everything But The Girl, The National, Arooj Aftab, Vijay Iyer, Neutral Milk Hotel, Shahzad Ismaily, Whatitdo Archive Group, The Hackles, Fast Romantics, Bill Pritchard, Miirrors, Sam Akpro, Caroline Polachek, FIDLAR , Shana Cleveland, Bebe Rexha, Liars at the Witch Trial, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, Hania Rani, Bebe Rexha (again), Natalie Merchant and Devon Church

November 10th Outsideleft Week in Music Recommends The Rhythm Method
We're hearing from... The Rhythm Method, The Bug Club, Leatherette, Pruillip, Flesh Field, The Pleasure Dome, Danny O'Keefe, Eamon The Destroyer, Brown Horse, Cryptosis, Esther Abrami, Her Ensemble, David Benjamin Blower, ClosetJudas, The Velvet Hands, District 97, Yaeji, Supplemental Pills, Say She See, Julia Holter, Joni Mitchell, Steve Wilson, Wilco, Twin Tribes, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Yaya Bey, Amigo the Devil, Art Feynman, Adam Miller, Dead Voices On Air and Asbestos Worker x Naw

April 14th Outsideleft Week in Music... with massively great Tricky Bantz...
We're hearing from... Berlin Banter & Tricky, Katherine Priddy, Dexys, Dawn Richard, Nick and June, David Sylvian, The Linda Lindas, Wednesday, Klara Lewis and Nik Colk Void, Monika Roscher Bigband, Clara Engel, Gebhard Ulmann/Das Kondensat, Crumb, The Lilac Time, Sam Akpro, Feeble Little Horse, Destroy Boys, Mandy-Indiana, Beach Fossils, Joe Perry, Eliades Ochoa, Finlay Shakespeare, Robbie Fulks, Bebe Rexha, David Heatley, Neva Dinova, Resurrectionists and Dirty Projectors

May 26th Outsideleft Week in Music: The Inner Space Sounds from Way Out!
We're hearing from... Inner Space Quartet, Kid brunswick, Erland Cooper, Suicide, Josienne Clarke, 3l3d3p, Seerr, Creep Show, Hannah Peel, Foo Fighters, Tanlines, The Holy Family, Little Dragon, Eduard Artemiev, Oleg Buloshkin, Edison Denisov, Sofia Gubaidulina, Alfred Schnittke, Squid, ABC, NOIR, Joe Perry & Henge

March 24th Outsideleft Week in Music... Counting on Lloyd/Bean
We're hearing from... Lloyd/Bean, Swans, Modern Cosmology, Nuha Ruby Ra, The Damned, Eater, Tape Runs Out, Elita, Bloody Bananas, Resurrectionists, Librarians with Hickeys, Jimin, The Ironsides, Darkplace, Richard Norris, Hannah Jagadu, Secret Machines, Forty Feet Tall and Baby Jake

July 14th Outsideleft Week in Music: From a Tiny Garden
We're hearing from... Jamila Woods, Mid-City Prowlers, Saul Williams/Sun Ra, Cavern Deep, Ultravox, Colonel Dax, Interpol, Bella Moore, Teen Idle, Sarah Mary Chadwick, Alan Goraguer, Blue Lake, Mattstranger, Bedless Bones, THEIA, Danko Jones, Ursa Major Revelation, hackedepicciotto, Big Joanie, Felt, Geese, Monster Rally, Leela James, Swans and the songs of Nick Drake

March 31st Outsideleft Week in Music... Getting all Squid-like with RVG
We're hearing from RVG, Depeche Mode, U2, Inner Space Quartet, A Certain Ratio, Air Traffic Controller, British Electric Foundation (B.E.F), Lankum, Senestra, Whatitdo Archive Group, OMD, Eddie Chacon, Surprise Chef, Monika Roscher Bigband, Pozi, The Resolve, Stone Giants, CLT DRP, Bed Signs, Liars at the Witch Trial, Terzo, Maulen feat. Behzad Barazandeh, Tape Runs Out

June 2nd Week in Los Angeles City of Death Music
We're hearing from... Swans, Def Leppard, Apache Rose, Jaz Coleman and Anne Dudley, TEKE::TEKE , African Head Charge, Mike Oldfield, Brian Krumm, Alibhe McDonagh with the RTE Concert Orchestra, Belle Scar, Pale Jay, Tinariwen, Tommy Drinkard, RVG, Teardrop Explodes, High Pulp, The Fierce and The Dead, Magnetic Skies, Ebi Soda, Ash Walker

July 7th Outsideleft Week in Music: Do You Want to See A Dead Body?
We're hearing from Timber Timbre, PJ Harvey, Little Simz, Sanity, Suede, Goat, The Last Dinner Party, The Sextones, Ash Walker & Ebi Soda, Eric Lindley, Love Ghost x Skold, MadMadMad, Dominique Fils Aime, Klara Lewis and Nik Colk Void, M (Robin Scott), Stinking Lizaveta, Pigeon Wigs , Peaceful Faces, Seerr, Soft Riot & El Michels Affair and Black Thought

October 13th Outsideleft Week in Metal Machine Music and More Types of Music too
We're hearing from... Judas Priest, Samuel Coleridge Taylor, Caleb Nichols, Dorothy Ashby, Quinsin Nachoff, Jamila Woods, The Mind is Complex, Dylan Gossett, Eve Egoyan and Mauricio Pauly, Isley Brothers, ANOHNI and the Johnsons, Brittany Howard, His Lordship, Red Painted Red, Lisa Butel and Brent Cross, Calibro 35, Andy Kim, Bedless Bones, Joanna Sternberg, Roger Water, Hauschka, Massimo Silverio and Superchunk

June 23rd Outsideleft Week in Music Has Your Duvet and Pillows
We're hearing from... Slowdive, Woods, The Clientele, Attrition, schntzl, Dexys , Mandy, Indiana, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, M. Ward, Crass, Swans, Pet Shop Boys , Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Gal Pal, The Lilac Time, Dr. Dre and Feeble Little Horse

March 17th Outsideleft Week in Music: Trombone Universe
We're hearing from - Kalia Vandever, Kokoroko, David Bowie, Eric Bibb, Edward Ka-Spel, Depeche Mode, Angel Olsen, Tinariwen, Yves Tumor, Sleaford Mods ft Perry Farrell, Fever Ray, Fenne Lily, Rodriguez, Sudden Infant, The Luka State, Lonnie Holley, David Benjamin Blower, Media Giant, Psyclon Nine, Miles Davis, Sam Gellaitry, Ghost Love, Blue Statue, Telecom, Grandma's House and Cosmic Crooner

April 28th Outsideleft Week in Music... Squid... Shires... ManOnMan... More...
We're hearing from... Amanda Shires and Bobbie Nelson, Squid, MAN ON MAN, Erland Cooper, Cavemouth, Dream Wife, Julie Byrne, Tiny Ruins, Ashtray Navigations, The Last Dinner Party, Tri Subversion, Alison Brown, Whatitdo Archive Group, Draag, Protomartyr, Bedroom, Leftover Salmon, Squid, Alfa Mist, Craven Faults, Generationals, Deer Tick, American Trappist, Bully, Memorials, Finlay Shakespeare, John, Charlotte De Witte, Brandon Seabrook, The Used and Bella White

August 11th An Outsideleft Week or Two in Music
We're hearing from... Noname, Blonde redhead, Hydroplane, Jay Wires, Wilco, The Lilac Time, The Band, Joy Formidable, Landscape, Zheani, Dexys, Stains, Gabriels, John Came, Soft Cell, Darkplace, Soft Riot, Meatraffle, Sam Gluck, Eliza McLamb, Liars at the Witch Trial, Metric, World's First Cinema, Ostrofti, Ultravox, Tiger Sky, Will Butler + Sister Squares

January 13th Welcome Back Outsideleft Week in Music!
We're hearing from... Skrillex Pink Pantheress & Trippie Redd, PiL, Cat Clyde, Big Joanie, Dry Cleaning, Tape Runs Out, Pale Jay and Okonski, Fantastic Negrito, The Resolve, Shame, Sleep Token, Automatic, Lonnie Holley, Atlassian, The Lemon Twigs, Tianna Esperanza, Janel Leppin, Debby Friday, John Bailey, John Cale and Low Girl

February 3rd Outsideleft Week in Music taking a liking to the cut of Lil Yachty's jib
We're hearing from... Lil Yachty, New Order, The Go! Team, Gorillaz, Augustus Pablo, The Orb, Hamish Hawk, Smashing Pumpkins, Bob Dylan, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Rickie Lee Jones, Vic Mensa, Neutral Milk Hotel, Megan Brickwood, Alfa Mist, Lankum, Scott McMicken and the EVER-EXPANDING, Pernice Brothers, Eyedress, Kingo Halla and Kate NV

May 18th Outsideleft Week in Music: My One Heart is a Blur
We're hearing from Blur, Billy Woods & Kenny Segal, Amelia Moore, Citizen Rage, Kylie Minogue, Bill Pritchard, Soft Machine, Deer Tick, MC Meno Japinha Luana Maia Yuri Redicopa e DJ Pizza, Dragon Welding, TV's Daniel, Being Dead, MC W1 MC Doiszin MC Marc7 DJ Rafinha Duarte e DJ GD Beats, Savannah Conley, Bendik Giske, Jeremy Tulpin, Big Girl, Ultra Vivid Scene, Bill Pritchard, Mandy, Indiana, The Murlocs, Delvon LaMarr Organ Trio, Sumbuck, Not My God, Night Asylum

April 21st Outsideleft Week in Music with Some Witch Variants and Some Others
music from Witch, Esben and The Witch, The National, King Krule, Tinariwen, The Indoor Show, Danko Jones, MUNA, Metallica, Ben Copperhead, Atlas Mother, Dudu Tassa & Jonny Greenwood, Skeletal Family, 79.5, Tanlines, Bee Bee Sea, Petite Noir, Laraaji & Kramer, CMAT, Pinkshift, Everything By Electricity, Irreversible, The Dirty Nil, Kevin Sun, Popsicko and cumgirl8

February 17th Outsideleft Week in Music with Lana's middle America myth making
We're hearing from Lana Del Ray, Shonen Knife, Beck, Dry Cleaning, Ben Folds, Orbital, Linkin Park, Jax Jones, Bob Dylan, Calum Scott, Museumgoer, Central Cee, GA-20, Gallon Drunk, Anna B.Savage, Tove Lo, Mediocre, Abby Jeanne, The Church and The Disco Scooters

January 20th Outsideleft Week in Music singing from the Grimbook with Sleaford Mods
We're hearing from Sleaford Mods, Sun Kil Moon, poolblood, Gaz Coombes, Peter Gabriel, Guided By Voices, The National, Yo La Tengo, Wilco, The Luka State, Eddie Chacon, Leatherette, The Fabulous Three, John, Wednesday, The Tubs, Pile, Ron Gallo, Ghost Woman, Italia 90, Hooray for Earth, Shakin' Stevens and Ishmael Ensemble

September 15th Outsideleft Week in Music... Entangled and Free
We're hearing from... Irreversible Entanglements, Soft Cell, Graham Parker and the Goldtops, Dominique Fils-Aime, Courtney Barnett V Busta Rhymes, William Eggleston, Big Thief, Aayushi, Iaye, Houston, City Girls, Cash and Carter, Skeet, Sarah Jarosz, Roger Waters, Addison Grace, Ivan Lins, Laibach, Bill Laswell and Peter Namlook, Creation Rebel, dada Joaozinho, Buck Curran, L7, Magnetic Skies, Jesse Kinel

May 5th Outsideleft Week in Marimbas... Other Instruments Need Not Apply
We're hearing from... Taiko Saito, The Blue Aeroplanes, Knower, High Pulp, Jad Fair & Danielson + Kramer, Mick Harvey & Amanda Acevedo, Yakov Berger, Blue Statue, Alison Goldfrapp, Driscal, Marta Salogni and Tom Relleen, Whatitdo Archive Group, Madge, Olof Dreijer & Mount. Sims, Kool & The Gang, Indigo De Souza , Monika Roscher Bigband, Generationalists, M. Ward, Brian McCarthy. Hackedepicotto, Yowl, Amnesia Scanner & Freeka Tet, Kim Petras & Nicki Minaj, Magic Wands, Cosmic Kitten, African Head Charge and Ghost Woman

July 28th Outsideleft Band with no name Week in Music
We're hearing from Lol Tolhurst X Budgie X Jacknife Lee, Sinead O'Connor, Woods, Monster Rally, Soaper, Margaret Glaspy, Dele Sosimi, ABC, LS Dunes, Indigo Girls, The Birthday Party, Julie Byrne, Sun's Signature, Crime and The City Solution, Buck Meek, Soft Riot, Be Your Own Pet and Jah Wobble

June 30th Outsideleft Week in Music... I'm So Bored With The USA, UK and Everywhere Else Week
We're hearing from... L7, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Criticals, AC Slater & Badger & Ft. Murkage Dave, Bad History Month, Barenaked Ladies, Smile, Camp Bedford, The Oxys, Behind The Fridge, Beck & Phoenix, Local Natives, Hania Rani ft. Patrick Watson, Stormzy, Smoking Popes, Amanda Shires and Bobbie Nelson, The Holy Family, Tiberius b, The Saxophones, Baby Queen, The Clientele, Celine Gillain, Betty Davis, Aphex Twin

August 25th Outsideleft Week in Music This Sway
We're hearing from... The Mountain Howl, Mick Harvey & Amanda Acevedo, Aoife Nessa Frances, Arc De Soleil, Infinite River, Lloyd's House, Soccer Mommy, ABC, mssv, Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, Weird Tales, Augustus Muller (Boy Harsher), Mountain Goats, Tamar Berk, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Terminal , Tex Crick, Tele Novella, Jamila Woods & The National

February 10th Outsideleft Week in Music has ANOHNI Digging To Her Roots
We're hearing from... ANOHNI (as Fiona Blue), Sleaford Mods ft. Florence Shaw, PVA, Depeche Mode, The Rolling Stones, Tropical F*ck Storm, Aretha Franklin, Invicta, WILSN, Jonnine, Esben and The Witch, Delvon LaMarr Organ Trio, Esther Rose, Petite Noir, Sorry, Black Belt Eagle Scout, Momus, Chat Pile, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood, Alfa Mist and Ancient Champion

October 6th Outsideleft Week in Music Up the Streets
We're hearing from... The Streets, Bonnacons of Doom, Fan Club Wallet, Dhani Harrison, Tom Heyman , Electric Forgiveness, Gazelle Twin, Doganov, Barry Can't Swim, Girl and Girl, Pink Pantheress, Meechy Darko, Millicent Chapanda, The Breath, Madness, Georgia Gets By, Sara Serpa & Andre Matos , Augustus Muller, Ian Williams, Problem Patterns, Meatraffle, Museumgoer, Kelvin Krash, Ghost Woman, Logic1000

June 9th Outsideleft Week in Music cedes the G L O R Y
We're hearing from... Gabriels, Captain, Kevin Morby, Alex Nicol, Brian Eno, Milly, Weird Nightmare, Fatoumata Diawara, Mahalia, Cinema Cinema, King Krule, Dream Wife, Bazox, Sages, Kevin Morby, Griz Green, Joey Mac, Norah Jones, Sam Smith & Madonna, Dakota Jones, Peter Gabriel, Bully and James 'Foz' Foster

June 16th Outsideleft Week in Music... Holy Hives!
We're hearing from... The Hives, Devendra Banhart, Creep Show, James, Big Girl, Whatitdo Archive Group, PJ Harvey, Jazmin Bean, Bird Streets, Hackedepicotto, Mapache, Drew Daniel and John Wiese, Blake Mills, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Eddie Spaghetti & Frank Meyer, Jesse Ray and the Carolina Club, Lush, Candy Whips, Fizz, Deer Tick and Bonny Doon

November 17th Outsideleft Week In Music Walks on the Wild Side
We're hearing from Elmer Bernstein, The Rakers, Heriot, Swampmeat Family Band, Amaro Freitas, Heavenly, Adam Rudolph, Spearmint, ABC, Sterling Press, Sprints, Billie Jo Spears, Martin Rev, Predatory Void, Cassetta, Randy Newman, J. Mascis, Ruby Doom, Halo Maud, Electric Six, George Boomsma, Massino Silverino, Inner Space Quartet, Jenya Kukoverov, Neva Dinova and Riovaz

May 12th Outsideleft Week in Music: Welcome Back Peter One
We're hearing from... Peter One, Soft Cell, Beach Fossils, Alabaster DePlume, Mark Dresser, Doll Riot, Albert Hammond Jr, Sylvie Courvoisier and Cory Smythe, TEKE::TEKE, Tony Valentino, Magic in Threes, Geese, Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin, Bee Bee Sea, Mandy Indiana, Esben & The Witch, The Titillators, Sandwell District, Babe Rainbow, & Belle Scar

April 7th Outsideleft Week in Music: Nihil aptius est quam latine ad Pascha
We're hearing from... Seerr, Indigo De Souza, African Head Charge, Temps, Inner Space Quartet, Kyoto Kyoto, Diplo, October London, Terzo, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Oliver Nelson, Iguana Death Cult, JFDR, Cavern Deep, Laveda, Venus Fly Trap, CHAI, Eaves Wilder and Media Giant

January 27th Outsideleft Week in Music: So this is what 100 looks like....
we're hearing from De La Soul, Hania Rani, Young Fathers, U2, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Eloise, Nick Cave, Valerie June, Holy Moly and The Crackers, Rich Brian, Wilco, Jethro Tull, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Say Lou Lou, Jesus Piece and The Telescopes

September 8th Week of Easy Violence in Music
We're hearing from... Sun June, Vince Clarke, Jonny Strykes, Duran Duran, Otoboke Beaver, Nicki Minaj, McKowski, Carlos Ferreira, Bacao Rhythm and Steel Band, No Guidnce, Timbaland, Minutemen, Indigo Sparke, Falling In Reverse, Kylie Minogue, Allison Russell, John Came, Psychic TV, Lunachicks, Danko Jones, The Handsome Family, Soft Play

September 29th Outsideleft Week in Music at the Beach
We're hearing from... Los Dedos, The Joy Formidable, Mighty Mighty, Candidate, Girl Scout, Kau, Kleistwahr, Zooey Celeste, The Jack Rubies, Bella Kouyate, Dope Lemon, Palace Music, McKowski, Bleachers, Wilderado, Day Glow Grey, Adele H, Eyeless In Gaza, John, Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes, Chelsea Wolfe, Babe Rainbow, Nation of Language, JFK, Datarock, Morlocks and Paper Tapes

July 21st Week in Music with Mick, Amanda and a Prehistoric Man
We're hearing from... Mick Harvey & Amanda Acevedo, Prehistoric Man, Jah Wobble, ABC, Yard Act, Alice Cooper, The Beths, King Cobra, London Brew, Kelly Finnigan, Tony Bennett, Sudan Archives, Dear Dear, Allah-Las, Mick Harvey & Amanda Acevedo, Mirror Glaze, The Nerves, Current Joys, Gabriella Hunzinger, Lance Lopez & The Sinclairs

December 8th Outsideleft Week in Music is in with the Trees
We're hearing from... And Also The Trees, Penguins Go Pop, Molly Lewis, Peter Gabriel, Kleistwahr, Idles, Inturist, Roots Manuva, Taku Unami, Hafenmann, Adrienne Lenker, The Delines, Balthvs, Alicia Keys, Dorothy Carter, Bananarama, Cat Power & Iggy Pop, Kahil El'Zabar's Ethnic Heritage Ensemble and Malin Petterson

September 1st Outsideleft Week in Music To Hang the Laundry To
We're hearing from...Black Pumas, Che Aimee Dorval, Mannequin Pussy, Kid Conventional, David Sylvian, Kayhan Kalhor & Toumani Diabate, Jaws, Aline Homzy, Teen Idle, Steven Wilson, Leatherette, Ghost Woman, The Sorcerers, Augustus Muller, Hurricane, King Tubby, Woods, Al Green, Future Islands, Eyesore and the Jinx, Kendra Morris & John Metcalfe

August 18th Outsideleft Week in Music. It's Travis!
We're hearing from Travis Scott, The Human League, Guns N' Roses, Moundabout, Olivia Rodrigo, Ian Williams, Sun June, Dub FX, Kojaque, Buffalo Nichols, Rubicon, Drop Nineteens, Creation Rebel, A Certain Ratio, Morning Tourist, Joni Mitchell, Jaws, Guji, Lubomyr Melnyk, Bonnacons of Doom, ARABROT, Shelf Lives

October 20th Outsideleft Week in Music Meets the Singing Queen
We're hearing from... Germa Adan, Alternative TV, Richard Hawley, Hania Rani, Magic in Threes, Sun June, Michael Nau, Armand Hammer, Danny brown, Jay Wires, Brian Eno, Kassa Overall, genCAB , Gold Lake, Adrian Sutherland, Anna Hillburg, Kevin Abstract, Great Big Cow, Mannequin Pussy, Jeff Tweedy alternately Bill Fay, Tricky and Lucia, Ghost Train Orchestra and Kronos Quartet, The Mary Wallopers, Idles, Sudan Archives and Video Age

October 27th Outsideleft Week in Casio Rockin' Music
We're hearing from... Brother Lee, Candidate, ATARASHII GAKKO!, Cat Power, Yung Sham, Teenage Halloween, Comateens, Pole/Sleaford Mods, Sun June, Ancient Infinity Orchestra, Dove Armitage, Idles, Yard Act, Charli XCX & Sam Smith, Kat Dobey, Ann Eysermans, Che Aimee Dorval, Zooey Celeste, Hannah Rose Platt, Katherine Priddy, We Owe, Zooey Celeste, Nadine Shah, Bedless Bones, Duran Duran and Vic Godard & The Subway Sect

September 22nd Outsideleft Week in Music: Hard as Night Nails
We're hearing from... Night Nail, Hania Rani, The House of Love, Cat Power, Bad History Month, Seerr, The Nightingales, George Boomsma, Crime and The City Solution, Wilco, Foa Hoka feat. Evgen Hodosh , Aruan Ortiz and Associates, Skinny Pelembe and Beth Orton, genCAB, Cleo Sol, Soft Cell, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Momus, Baby Fire, Girl Scout and Rick Wakeman

December 1st Outsideleft Week in Music A Golden Dawn for the End of the Year
We're hearing from... GOAT, Chelsea Wolfe, The Goa Express, Shplang, Jean Knight, Amelie Lucille, Hotel Lux, Micky Greaney, Shabbos Ranks, Booker T. Jones, Fela Kuti, Limahl, Riding With Killers, Popclaw, Cryptosis, The Links, Isabelle Adjani, Khruangbin, Killing Joke, KLF KARE & Harry Nillson ft. Ricardo Da Force, Thelonious Monster and Minutemen

December 15th Outsideleft Week in Music... Can you fight, fuck and dream to it?
We're hearing from... Ultrasonic Grand Prix, The Delines, Soft Cell, Jay-Z, Jeshi, Katherine Priddy, The Telescopes, Ceiling Spirit, Les Big Byrd, Queensryche, Harp, Brother Lee, King Geedorah, Dumbo Gets Mad, Ron Horton, Little Man Tate, Black Nail Cabaret, Brittany Bindrim, Hailu Mergia, Bachratten

November 24th Outsideleft Week in Music: The Female Genital Mutilation Issue
We're hearing from... Fatoumata Diawara, Steal Beans, Vince Clarke, Lilli Lewis, Duran Duran, English Teacher, Bonnie Prince Billy, We Owe, Gina Birch, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Born at Midnight, Abstract Concrete, New Order, Sleaford Mods, Sleeping Souls, The National, Fuzzbox with Ted Chippington and Robert Lloyd, Antony Szmierek, Daniel Darc and Frederic Lo, The Lunar Laugh, The Goa Express & Thelonious Monster

December 28th Outsideleft Week in Music Without Music
something that is something about what music isn't

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