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Hits. The Most Widely Read Outsideleft Stories in February 2024


The Most Widely Read Outsideleft Stories in February 2024

by OL House Writer,
first published: March, 2024

approximate reading time: minutes

Chickenbone John and Dave Hall made it amazing at Corks

You do know right, we are in our 20th (grrrreat!!!) year. And throughout that time some stories have been bigger than others. Some stories unbeknown to us, we are trusters after all, had an ulitmately difficult to understand provenance. And of course some stories led to late night phone calls from frantic publicists, or more concerning, letters in legalese from lawyers. If you client is dead we asked, do they have a reputation that requires upkeep? I am writing the book, it's all in there. And then there are the rest. The rest constitute the ones we love because they don't lead us to falling out amongst ourselves, too much They don't lead to too much angst. Those below are some of those. I will say what makes this exciting is our connection here to our immediate community. Nearly all of the stories this month grew out of a personal relationship with or from seeing a musician, poet or writer at close quarters, like in the street outside our house close quarters or something. And Chickenbone John. He is our man.


  1. On the Menu at the Outsideleft Night Out: Chickenbone John 2024-02-05 by Ancient Champion
    Chickenbone John joins us for live music, with DJ sets from Woodenhand and Agata Makiela at Corks for the Outsideleft Night Out on Friday March 1st
  2. Brighter Now? 2024-02-26 by Alan Rider
    Edward Ka-Spel has his doubts about the state of the world but never stops searching for a chink of light out there
  3. Re-Use Before You Recycle 2024-02-13 by Ancient Champion
    Callum Easter makes a cheeky swift return to Birmingham
  4. Sunday Morning Poet: George Roberts 2024-02-04 by OL House Writer
    It may be Sunday morning, but the heartfelt 'I know you're in pain' evokes a late night conversation.
  5. Homeward Bound with Katherine Priddy 2024-02-12 by Jay Lewis
    Katherine Priddy talks to Outsideleft about her timely second album 'The Pendulum Swings'
  6. Dreaming That I'm Awake 2024-02-14 by Alan Rider
    Sweden's Les Big Byrd are taxiing on the runway of the Jet Set
  7. Folktronics: The Songs of Momus 1996 - 2008 2024-02-27 by Jay Lewis
    John Robinson's continuing journey through the Momus songbook
  8. Would You Buy A Record Player From This Man? 2024-02-19 by Ancient Champion
    TURNTABLE II - This is How Brian Eno Plays His Records
  9. O Abre Alas: Make A Room, Women Want to Move 2024-02-20 by Sofia Ribeiro Willcox
    Sofia Ribeiro Willcox on the the deep roots of Carnaval...
  10. Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle 2024-02-26 by Ancient Champion
    Pete Astor is Coming to Town with a Worm in His Brain or No. Come and See For Yourself [a preview]
  11. Ancient Champion: This is a Minor Mass Extinction Event 2024-02-09 by Ancient Champion
    Some animals died in the creation of this artistic work
  12. Rock'n'Roll Void-Oid Boys and Girls 2024-02-16 by Ancient Champion
    Sweet and Sour Swansea Sound Washes Over JQ
  13. Sunday Morning Poet: Cal Wensley 2024-02-11 by OL House Writer
    Cal's poetry deals with '...sensitive issues with a lack of sensitivity and a whole lot of humanity'
  14. Discombobulated by the Red Rum Club 2024-02-21 by Ogglypoogly
    Ogglypoogly finally has a ticket for the bandwagon - get yours before it leaves the station...
  15. Sunday Morning Poet: Al Hutchins 2024-02-25 by OL House Writer
    We're delighted to welcome Al Hutchins, the poet Stewart Lee described as '...a howling faggot-and-pea visionary'
  16. Junk Drawer 2024-02-18 by OL House Writer
    Today's Sunday Morning Poem is from Powys' Christopher Hall
  17. Caitlin Clark is the Most Exciting Athlete in America Right Now 2024-02-19 by Lee Paul
    Phenom Caitlin Clark sets a new record points tally for the NCAA with a logo shot. Of course, why not.
  18. Short Story Orgy 2024-02-27 by LamontPaul
    Outsideleft's new Short Story Orgy series begins on Saturday
  19. The Word 'Populism' is a Gift to the Far Right 2024-02-28 by The Conversation
    four reasons why we should stop using it
  20. Unforgotten Phenomenon: Mamonas Assassinas 2024-02-29 by Sofia Ribeiro Willcox
    Sofia Ribeiro Willcox Remembers the meteoric but brief career of Mamonas Assassinas

Main image by Agata Makiela, Chickenbone John accompanied by Dave Hall on haunting blues harp at the Outsideleft Night Out at Corks

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