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This Hit This Month What our readers read in April was a lot more than they did in any other month ever. Since records began. Except for that weird, anomalous 'poetry day' month and a couple of others...

This Hit This Month

What our readers read in April was a lot more than they did in any other month ever. Since records began. Except for that weird, anomalous 'poetry day' month and a couple of others...

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: May, 2024

approximate reading time: minutes

Wow! It's great when I can begin something with a Wow! What a month of great writing in Outsideleft.

Wow! It's great when I can begin something with a Wow! What a month of great writing in Outsideleft. So much variety. I loved it all. Each story like a Sweet Child O' Mine. Even though I feel for sure that Outsideleft is definitely at its very best when I leave the writing to others. There aren't so many online fanzines like Outsideleft left. Always being subsumed or wound down. Or just fading away. The real indie kids have gotten their print budgets out of somewhere and are doing that while being jaded with the web entirely.

We spend a lot of time each month courting new writers, curating new content, maintaining an ethical path. Not having financial support, not sourcing revenue is exhausting. Constantly explaining a steadfast anti-capitalist stance, boring. Although we understand we can be the systems useful idiots pitching product. For free. We're not that naive. However, it feels like, and I know, I've been doing this for a long time, some actual exciting things are happening backstage here that will make reading Outsideleft one of the greatest uses of your time for a while to come. And will make a meaningful changes to the work you don't see. Good things. Anyway, a summary...

This month Alan Rider just got the greatest ever interview with David J, from Bauhaus and Love & Rockets, as David unearthed his ancient and interesting demos. Wow! Tim London, John Robinson, Tim Sparks and Ooglypogly all returned. Duncan Jones couldn't hear the poetry in Dry Cleaning, but wanted to; Sofia Ribeiro-Willcox brought history. OL favourite Charlie Hill joined in our Short Story Orgy. We began Beard Week. Six Days with Alan Beard. So many people have read about our Night Out event with Lu Warm, Woodenhand and Prehistoric Man on May 5th. I sincerely hope you don't all show up! 

This Hit This Month (actually last month)

  1. David J: Chats from the Attic by Alan Rider
    Alan Rider sits down with former Bauhaus and Love and Rockets founder David J to ask him about ritual magick, exhuming his old demos, and whether Bauhaus really is finished.
  2. Outsideleft Night Out with Lu Warm, DJ's Woodenhand and Prehistoric Man by LamontPaul
    Friday May 3rd, acoustic guitar picking from Lu Warm, vintage vinyl from dj Woodenhand; reggae, dub and abstract sounds from dj Prehistoric Man
  3. Industrial Revolution by Alan Rider
    A new publication aims to catalogue the UK industrial underground through the voices of those who were there
  4. Bass Communion. Perfecting Imperfection by Alan Rider
    Steven Wilson's solo act Bass Communion are releasing their first album for 12 years. He explains why, and how imperfection and flaws are at the heart of his creating unique new music.
  5. This Town Is Coming Like a Cliche by Tim London
    Tim London wonders whether it is possible to review something honestly and with honour after only watching maybe half and a bit of the first episode? Let's see...
  6. English Teacher: This Could Be Texas by John Robinson
    John Robinson says English Teacher have produced his LP of the Year so far
  7. Punk Had A (Scottish) Baby and They Called It... by Tim London
    Grant McPhee's new book on Scottish Post Punk music, Postcards From Scotland, like his film, Big Gold Dream, enthralls Tim London
  8. Three Big Questions for Barry Adamson by Ancient Champion
    Barry Adamson is touring with a new LP and answering questions
  9. Fingers Crossed. Miki Berenyi's Book. Remixed. by LamontPaul
    Miki Berenyi's acclaimed memoir, 'Fingers Crossed, How Music Saved Me From Success' has been published in America
  10. How To Translate Emotional States Into Landscapes by John Robinson
    John Robinson considers Marko Nyberg's internal struggles with Solveig
  11. More Than Okay, Amigo by Ogglypoogly
    Ooglypoogly is with Amigo the Devil at least until the War Is Over
  12. From Beckenham to Brazil: Ritchie's Rhythmic Revolution by Sofia Ribeiro Willcox
    Sofia Ribeiro Willcox traces Ritchie's enduring journey through sound...
  13. Justin Hawkins Rides again... Again by Tim Sparks
    The leader of the Darkness brings his YouTube show to the Glee Club
  14. The Blessed Saint Slit by Tim London
    Here To Be Heard - The Story Of The Slits on film
  15. Museumgoer 23: Track by Track by LamontPaul
    Museumgoer 23 is here. 23. That's a lot of Museumgoer in a world where there is never enough.
  16. Elza Soares: Beyond Boundaries by Sofia Ribeiro Willcox
    Sofia Ribeiro Willcox traces the incredible life and career of one of the all time great, Elza Soares
  17. Dry Cleaning Hare by Duncan Jones
    Duncan Jones' Temerity: Spring Clean those guitars please
  18. Ancient Champion: Let Ed Ruscha Be Your Guide by Ancient Champion
    Drop everything and head directly to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art for NOW THEN the Ed Ruscha retrospective
  19. Short Story Orgy #2: Genocide
    Charlie Hill adds to Outsideleft's Short Story Orgy Series
  20. Positive Negativity From Belgrade by Tim London
    Tim London gets all mindwarped by DYW's Negative Space

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