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Focus on Wales All eyes and ears on Wrexham for the 14th The International Showcase Festival l Focus Wales

Focus on Wales

All eyes and ears on Wrexham for the 14th The International Showcase Festival l Focus Wales

by DJ Fuzzyfelt,
first published: May, 2024

approximate reading time: minutes can't go anywhere in Wales without hearing something by Carmarthen trio Adwaith

Over the coming few days 20,000 plus people are expected to descend on Wrexham for the 14th iteration of The International Showcase Festival l Focus Wales with a variety of music related conferences,a film festival, and 300+ live performances in venues ranging from pub backrooms, to churches, to the William Gladstone Hall which is the biggest venue in the city.

Bands from as far afield as Australia, Mozambique and Canada will be appearing, the whole event is headlined by Spiritualized, with the likes The Mysterines, The Royston Club, Deerhoof, and festival perennials Snapped Ankles.

However I'm going to keep it local and talk about the Welsh acts who will be gracing the festival.

First of all you can't go anywhere in Wales without hearing something by Carmarthen trio Adwaith (Reaction) booming out from radios, TV, or even in drag clubs where their song 'Eto' (Again) is a staple. Winners of two Welsh Mercury Prizes with a new album due this Summer, and fresh off a UK headlining tour as well as dates supporting Jane Weaver, Adwaith are the hottest ticket at the festival.

Next are Ynys (Island), led by Dylan Hughes who has been around for a while in various bands but has now struck out on his own releasing an excellent self-titled album last year on the excellent Libertino Records (→) with a swift follow up due in the Summer. Dylan has assembled a bunch of crack musicians to play his songs live and, going on his album, and a taster single 'Aros Amdanat Ti' (Waiting For You) this will be another not to be missed gig.

SYBS have just released a brilliant album, 'Olew Nadroedd' (Snake Oil). It's a lively brew-raucous is the word... I hear Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, Yo La Tengo and more which they mix up into heady, exciting noise which is all their own. I can't wait to catch SYBS live.

Other acts I would recommend are Cerys Hafana whose beautiful harp and acoustic music will be complemented by her playing in St Giles Church. Georgia Ruth will be previewing tracks from her forthcoming album. Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog will be playing their wonderful brand of Alt-Country which is a genre that doesn't normally float my boat but I will always go out of my way to experience the fragile but powerful beauty of the music of Iwan Huws and his brothers. Finally Worldcub will be playing tracks old and new including songs from their forthcoming 'Back To The Beginning' album.

Catch all of the above, except for the headliners, if you can but also seek out Chroma, Gintis, Campfire Social, HMS Morris, Pys Melyn, Melin Melyn, Gillie, Angharad, Eadyth, Voya, Eye, Mr Phormula and's a long list but worth it!

£75 a ticket, unless you want to attend the conferences, and it's a fact that most people who go once have made it their annual go to festival. Enjoy!

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Festival Website is here→ 

DJ Fuzzyfelt

DJ Fuzzyfelt is a part time intinerant farm worker, sharing their time between Portugal and Wales where there is a lot of farm work... Lover of music, megaliths, and magick.

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