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Duosonic Oh What an Outsideleft Night Out with The Swampmeat Family Duo, DJ Richard Leigh, DJ Woodenhand & You


Oh What an Outsideleft Night Out with The Swampmeat Family Duo, DJ Richard Leigh, DJ Woodenhand & You

by Lee Paul,
first published: June, 2024

approximate reading time: minutes

Amazing. None of this happens without you.

Swampmeat Family Duo
DJ Richard Leigh & DJ Woodenhand
Corks, Bearwood

What a Night Out that was at Corks on Friday, with Dan and Stew – The Swampmeat Family Duo — alongside DJ Richard Leigh, hotfootin’ it over from Cambridgeshire to handle the Walk-In slot and stalwart DJ Woodenhand with the dance ‘til you drop spot. DJ Richard LeighThe only sad faces and frowns I saw amongst all of the joy all night occurred when we wondered aloud to the guys from Corks about why they don’t extend our ours until midnight.

Richard Leigh got the evening going as people drifted in, greeting old friends and getting acquainted to some of the greatest tunes committed to vinyl. When I heard Marlena Shaw’s ‘California Soul’ which I always so keenly feel, I knew I'd left at least part of my soul in California. Marlena Shaw brought sparkles to my feet. Oh Wow!

Swampmeat Family Duo are a significant subset of the larger Swampmeat Family Band. Dan and Stew played some roadworn, yearning americana. Stew’s pedal steel guitar is an otherworldly sight and sound. The biggest group of people we’ve seen at Corks for a Night Out were immersed in Dan and Stew's incredible sounds. Swampmeat Family DuoIt felt like a revelation, musicians self-belief transcends the time and the space, transports us. Dan and Stew did that, we could have been down in Baton Rouge, swampin’ it up in a roadside diner with our friends Museumgoer and The Rakers, it truly was a moment to be part of. 

Corks is Under Threat
I think Sally Taylor is the hardest working person for the Bearwood community. Sally should be our MP, change happens when she gets involved. Sally gave us an update on the Bearwood Community Hub's campaign to save Corks, and the need to secure the building as a venue, as a meeting place, as a destination for socialising, as a hub of this underserved community. Corks offers so much, let's keep it that way. The Bearwood Community Hub are campaigning hard to make sure a golden asset isn't lost. 

DJ WoodenhandWoodenhand
You have to say, after the rapt and reverential attention for the Swampmeat Family Duo, Woodenhand had people leaping off their seats. The dancing was a mayhem. It was a thing. What joy! There I can’t let it go. Outsideleft Night out with Dan, Stew, Richard and Woodenhand and you guys that came out, it was just the greatest. Thank you all for your most amazing generosity in support of the performers. Amazing. None of this happens without you.

The OUTSIDELEFT Night Out returns on Friday July 5th— the last one before a brief summer break. This is going to be a great one. 90s hitmakers SOHO will return to Corks with an acoustic set. I think we all love them so much. Agata Makiela will join Woodenhand on the decks and… somewhat significantly it is yet another birthday for me, I have had many, but haven’t had a birthday party that I can remember for 33 years. Let’s do it! Let's Dance! Admission will be free, grabbing advanced tickets though, helps us to sort of plan a bit. 

SOHO, Friday July 5th, 2024 (acoustic set)

Advanced FREE Tickets will be available through TicketSource→ on June 12th.

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main image Swampmeat Family Duo by Disco_Christina
Dj Wooden hand causing a storm, by Zoe.
More about the Bearwood Community Hub→

Lee Paul

I like to look at things while listening to things I am not looking at. But doesn't everyone.
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