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Outsideleft Night Out with Soho Soho, DJ's Agata Makiela and Woodenhand on the first Friday of July at Cork's in Bearwood

Outsideleft Night Out with Soho

Soho, DJ's Agata Makiela and Woodenhand on the first Friday of July at Cork's in Bearwood

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: June, 2024

approximate reading time: minutes

Welcome SOHO's Tim, Jacqui and Pauline back to Bearwood! 
SOHO in the NME in 1988


with DJ's WOODENHAND and AGATA MAKIELA on the decks!
Cork's Lounge, Bearwood
Friday July 5th at 8pm

It's so exciting to be able to announce that on Friday July 5th, the final OUTSIDELEFT Night Out before our summer holiday, will feature a live set from super special guests, 90s hitmakers, SOHO. 

It's always great to have our friends around the place of course. SOHO played at one of our earliest Night’s Out and if you weren't there to hear twins Jacqui and Pauline sing, well, now’s your chance. Someone who was there told me that they had tears of joy rolling down their face. It was an amazing night.

You'll know Soho from the 90s hit, Hippychick and while the show at Corks will be an intimate acoustic affair it promises the most fun and a first night of post-Tory optimism. It might not last long so let's make the most of it.

It's also our final Night Out before a brief summer break, (we will return in September with Ancient Champion) and my birthday celebration too.

AgataAgata Makiela
July 5th’s guest DJ is the great Agata Makiela, helming the all important Walk-In music slot. Can't wait to see Agata and hear the eclectic mix of reggae, afro-funk, afro-soul, afrobeat, hi-life, and other afro grooves, mainly from West Africa—all infused with poly-rhythms and lots of percussion, that Agata brings. As I often say I love the walk-in set. I'm relieved, the band is in palce, everything is working and finally I relax and see people arriving and greeting their old friends. I've said it before but it really is beautifully cinematic

DJ Woodenhand will be on hand to end the evening on a high with his own personal calling card, great hits from dusty back catalogues of reggae, blues, soul and way more besides  —  big beats full of big heart to immerse yourself in and dance to. 

Corks is under threat
Despite a reprieve in the courts. Corks remains under threat. A court case this week kicked the Corks situation, namely insolvency and the potential of a developer swooping in, into the long grass. For now. At the Outsideleft Night Out in June, Sally Taylor from the Bearwood Community Hub, who are campaigning to save the building for the local residents, gave us an update on the campiagn, and you can register your support and find out more about the latest happenings, or join in, right here→.

Admission is Free
Admission to the Outsideleft Night Out is free, but ‘pay what you will’ donations to support the musicians and DJs are most welcome. Online or on the night.

Join us in Corks to Welcome SOHO's Tim, Jacqui and Pauline back to Bearwood! 

Advance tickets, from TicketSource here→

Corks operates a cash only bar. 

Founder & Publisher

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