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Amigo The Devil in Your Neck (of the woods) Amigo the Devil is touring the UK and Ireland

Amigo The Devil in Your Neck (of the woods)

Amigo the Devil is touring the UK and Ireland

by Ogglypoogly,
first published: June, 2024

approximate reading time: minutes

I implore you to clear your schedules and take the necessary steps to spend a night with the Devil

Amigo Tour Poster“When you dance with the devil, the devil doesn't change. The devil changes you”

At this juncture I can’t say for certain if there’s any truth in the saying, but give me a month and I’m quietly confident I’ll get back to you…

July will see Amigo the Devil return to our shores and touring the sublime ‘Yours Until the War is Over’ I booked a ticket as soon as I heard the Album and can’t shake the feeling that a live performance will add yet another dimension to what is already one of the best bodies of work I’ll hear this year.

There’s something about live music that elevates music, whether that be the proximity to the source, or the shared experience with a room of strangers all gathered for that self same purpose. That symbiotic exchange of energy between artist and audience and the undefinable shift when briefly an equilibrium is reached before each side rises and lifts further toward that peak you ride out in the following days.

And, it’s on that basis that I’m sat here writing these words - I implore you to clear your schedules and take the necessary steps to spend a night with the Devil. Will he reach deep inside you and expose the raw nerves of your soul to emotions you’d normally look away from?

It seems pretty inevitable - though only in a metaphorical sense.

Remind yourselves now by listening to Yours Until the War is Over and feel that steady undercurrent of darkness flowing throughout the album providing a raw and at times visceral reminder that music isn’t just about entertainment. When done this well, music remains a deeply affecting means of communicating stories that words alone can’t convey, this is in essence folk - just without the herbs and the hey nonny nonnies…


11.07.24 BRIGHTON Concorde 2 tickets
12.07.24 MANCHESTER Gorilla tickets
13.07.24 CHELTENHAM 2000 Trees Festival tickets
15.07.24 LEEDS Wardrobe tickets
16.07.24 GLASGOW Slay tickets
17.07.24 BIRMINGHAM Asylum tickets
18.07.24 LONDON O2 Academy Islington tickets
20.07.24 GALWAY Roísín Dubh tickets
21.07.24 CORK Cyprus Avenue tickets
22.07.24 DUBLIN Whelan’s tickets



Ogglypoogly is a Sheffield based seamstress and mother of two. Uncultured and often uncouth, a lover of bubbles and foxes.

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