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Elisa Vegliante: The Artist in Residence

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by LamontPaul, for outsideleft.com
originally published: July, 2005
Being vegetarian, Indian and Thai cuisine has many meatless choices
by LamontPaul, for outsideleft.com
originally published: July, 2005
Being vegetarian, Indian and Thai cuisine has many meatless choices

This week we went deep inside Elisa Vegliante 'Inc' - - her workspace - - to see where her great works of mondoexpressionism are produced.

Of the image 'inventory' above, she says, "This is supposed to be a bedroom. It is filled with my old paintings. This is why I can't live like a normal person!."

Her studio is a mere stonesthrow from downtown New Haven, but you'd never know it. Suddenly we were there, the sony cybershot secreted on our person, in AnotherWorld as Elisa showed us around, and shared with us some of her favorite things, and showed us the basement set where her film maker husband Ace Fronton produces their Mondo Expressionist movie collaborations...

Let's start with some Food.
Elisa does her best to support independent grocery stores... "We eat a lot of ethnic foods because we support the small local groceries in our neighborhood. I would rather give my money to these families than the big corporate stores." As a vegetarian, she recommends Indian and Thai cuisine for a prevelance of meatless choices, it helps of course that she loves spicey food.
"The Asian Grocery has the REAL soup noodles. You can also get an instant version of this which is so much better than the Ramen stuff you get at the big stores. We just grill some tofu and throw some veggies in it for a delicious meal."

This is Part 3 of our four part Elisa Vegliante, Mondo Expressionist Residency. Part One of our Residency with Mondo Expressionist Artist Elisa Vegliante is here >> This week, we get our super small sony cybershot deep into Elisa studio. Felt like we were on the job for the National Inquirer

Elisa has them and they're pretty interested in her painting. Judging by this picture they're mainly interested in eating and not exercising. "The little pug on my lap is Marvin. He has one eye that looks like my lazy eye. Marvin frequently sits in my lap when I paint. Mugsy is the big guy next to me. He's usually in this chair next to me when I paint or on the floor. The painting behind me is Carnival Of Souls one of the paintings in the Gigi ghoulay series"

"I buy most of my clothes off of EBay sellers. I can find the most unique artsy wild clothing there...better than the big sprawl marts." Other distinctly unAmerican activitiesmight include a failure to fully embrace ClearChannel... "I used to listen to popular music on the radio in the 1970's and 1980's, but I don't like pop music anymore. I like to hear Al Franken on Air America Radio."

So, do you own a TV? What's been playing on it?

What's He Doing In There?
"I am married to Ace Fronton, writer, filmmaker, and all-around great artist. Our features include: Radio Frankenstein Meets Bloody Hitler, Atomic Brain Of Christ, Zuzu: Queen Of The Animals and the award winning, Night of the Fools. "

Below, chilling images of the basement used in various movies.


For much more great information and insight into the Art-Card phenomenon, visit ACEO at http://www.art-cards.org

Visit Elisa's Vegliant's website: http://www.mondoexpressionism.com/

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