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Behind the Counterculture #23: Terry Venables

Behind the Counterculture #23: Terry Venables

by Lake, Film Editor
first published: August, 2005

approximate reading time: minutes

Anecdotes from Behind the Retail Frontlines

Terry Venables, legendary football star and almost successful England manager. It was not a cold day but Terry saw fit to walk around in a flamboyant fur collared coat. He was very short but moved very fast. I thought for a second he was coming into the store but it was just a shimmy to avoid a pushchair coming the other way. He still had the moves.

Behind the counterculture is a recurring series of celebrity encounters or near encounters in or close to a West London used book and record store.

Behind the counterculture episodes compiled by Lake

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Film Editor

Kirk Lake is a writer, musician and filmmaker. His published books include Mickey The Mimic (2015) and The Last Night of the Leamington Licker (2018). His films include the feature films Piercing Brightness (2014) and The World We Knew (2020) and a number of award winning shorts.

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