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The Return of 300 Words from London

The Return of 300 Words from London

by Lake, Film Editor
first published: October, 2005

approximate reading time: minutes

Hellraiser in Dollis Hill, Franz Ferdinand get the Knack, Eric Clapton wrecks William Burroughs, Coral Castle versus Salvation Mountain and a few more things...

So. The much delayed return of 300 words from London. I have been suffering a kind of cultural log jam. So much seen, so little energy left to write about it. Therefore this is a summary of what I would have been writing about if I'd shaken off the lethargy.

Rock Video -
Deciphering the art jokes in the excellent new Franz Ferdinand video. So what if the song reminds me of My Sharona by the Knack. And - The Arctic Monkeys I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor video being a perfect pastiche of an 80s Old Grey Whistle Test performance but would that have been cool back in 1984 if The Jesus And Mary Chain had dressed up as The Dave Clark 5 in a pastiche of Ready Steady Go...

Video Art -
A somewhat underwhelming show at the Serpentine by Oliver Payne & Nick Relph. The film title Sonic The Warhol was by far the best thing there. Just the title, not the film. Better stuff at Kate MacGarry where Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard presented their Walking After Acconci featuring a superb performance by UK MC Plan B. Then at  Tate Modern the staggeringly pretentious but very entertaining Dictio Pii by Markus Schinwald.

Art -
William Burroughs and his Shot Sheriff doodles at Riflemaker. I missed the first night opening and went to the second night where I didn't know anybody. I like the two night private view idea and the drinks were exceptional for a gallery (vodka and elderflower instead of warm beer). As I didn't have anybody to talk to I couldn't shake the terrible Eric Clapton soundtrack my head had somehow conjured up. Nice space though (as the saying goes) and more from there later for sure.
Outsider Art -
on the road reports; searching for Salvation Mountain in California and the Coral Castle in Florida. Neither of them turned out to be too hard to find.
Film -
My hunt for the house from the first Hellraiser film which is a half-mile from where I'm sitting now and lead me to the birthplace of the computer and Winston Churchill's WW2 bunker.
And that's not to mention.but for now, my 300 words are up.

Film Editor

Kirk Lake is a writer, musician and filmmaker. His published books include Mickey The Mimic (2015) and The Last Night of the Leamington Licker (2018). His films include the feature films Piercing Brightness (2014) and The World We Knew (2020) and a number of award winning shorts.

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