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Classy Bitch  -  tales of the talented #1;  Paris Hilton She... Who must be dealt with

Classy Bitch - tales of the talented #1; Paris Hilton

She... Who must be dealt with

by Shane O'Reilly, Editor, Dublin
first published: January, 2006

approximate reading time: minutes

South Park had it right demolishing her as a puerile deceased whore spewing cum on an hourly basis

So, let me get this straight - Paris Hilton dates a dude called Paris Latsis? That's ridiculous, so funny. Ha ha!

So let me get this straight also then - Paris Hilton, out and about drinking again in Hawaii, pissed herself and the entire taxi seat while heading home and is now trying desperately to have the rumours squashed yeah? Jesus, ha ha, that's too funny. Classy bitch!

The talent less have an unnatural way of surviving in the limelight. She really does nothing worth while (but Shane she acts doesn't she? Well, um, have you seen House of Wax? That's not acting. It gave me awful shivers. The bad kind, those spawned from terrible acting and a stale performance. Yuck!). She's fairly neat though, so cool. Sure she has her very own sex-video, size eleven feet (I've met my match), a bladder problem (Paris has been known to use the men's toilets in clubs. If she finishes peeing quickly, she can snort a few cocks and suck a few lines before leaving. Spring break every weekend) and I just heard, this is PRICELESS, she refuses to pose for Playboy! This from a 'woman' who's stubbly vagina and nipple slips are daily wank-mag fodder. Classy bitch!

South Park had it right demolishing her as a puerile deceased whore spewing cum on an hourly basis. Plunging an axe through her face would be so sweet... My feelings are not entirely shared by everyone, most people, but not all people. Paris' after party at the Oscars last year was the party to be seen at. Celebs fought tooth and nail through the mesh of dribbling clingers and desperados, lined around the block I might add, to get near her sinewy snatch. It is media lusting and attention seeking to a tee - oh to be seen, to be seen, yes, yes, yes. For God's sake, we shouldn't even know who she is and it was only a few years ago when we DIDN'T. Especially here in Ireland. Her name is scattered everywhere.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, apparently now, there maybe as many as ten videos of Paris' sexcapades out there. She's been practising it seems. Well, practise makes perfect... It's supposed to anyhow, but not from what I saw. Awful blowjob.... Classy bitch!



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