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Hold Everything - Pete Doherty Busted Twice in One Day Pete Doherty got busted twice on Thursday, January 26th.

Hold Everything - Pete Doherty Busted Twice in One Day

Pete Doherty got busted twice on Thursday, January 26th.

by Joe Ambrose, Literary Editor (2005-2018)
first published: January, 2006

approximate reading time: minutes

Pete Doherty got busted twice on Thursday, January 26th.

Pete Doherty got busted twice on Thursday, January 26th.

He was stopped by cops in Whitechapel, on the fringes of the upwardly mobile parts of London's East End - where junkies commingle with architects in art galleries and Indian restaurants and no admission DJ bars and the best bagel shop in town - not far from Bethnal Green, where once the Kray Twins reigned supreme.

The Metropolitan Police said: "At 15.05, officers on foot stopped and spoke with a 26 year old man in the street in Whitechapel. The officers were concerned he was under of influence of drugs and a subsequent search of him led to the recovery of a substance believed to be a Class A drug...e was arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs and is currently in custody at an east London police station."

Doherty was out of custody a few hours following an earlier arrest.


I was picking up my mail at my convenience address - a company called Hold Everything - when I heard the news on the radio.

"They should keep a permanent suite for him, he's in and out so often." said Dina, who works at Hold Everything. She is right. This is either his fourth or fifth bust in the last few weeks. "Well," I said. "It'll be no joke for him if he goes to jail, and he could get a sentence...ape and stuff." "Can he really do a good show when he's in that kind of condition all the time?" asked Dina. "Oh, he can." I responded. "He's a strapping young lad. Over six foot tall."

I'll be going to see Babyshambles on Sunday and I'll be reporting on it here, so long at Doherty is out of jail. I'll also report on the inside of one of his celebrated East End crack dens.

Joe Ambrose
Literary Editor (2005-2018)

Joe Ambrose wrote 14 books, including Chelsea Hotel Manhattan and The Fenian Reader. Joe sadly passed away in 2018. Visit Joe's website which was completed just before his passing, for more info:
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