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DAFT PUNK (and my disappearance into your America........maybe)

Shane O'Reilly's voracious plans to eat up the entire Western United States

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by Shane O'Reilly, Editor, Dublin for outsideleft.com
originally published: August, 2006
I just want some American girls. That's all. I hate hippies but I'll shut my mouth...

Daft Punk are coming to Ireland. The 25th of this month actually. I really, really wanted to go but I suppose I'm off to Vegas and the Burningman festival, yes over to you guys. Maybe. One of the three of us is holding back, nervous about missing work and dragging any early excitement about this holiday deep into the ground. I am now bored and tired talking of our holiday. Vegas is no place for a man like me. I am not good with vices. I giggle and willingly follow drugs and hookers alike into alleys. Wonderful places these alleys become. Friendly and not cheap but suddenly not imposing either. Powders and poofs. Ha!

So vegas for a non-gambling man can only mean boredom or trouble. We will see. I will report back on arrival into Dublin. On return, I've to stay a day on my own in L.A. too but I know some American girls I can hang out with and do drugs with. Should be truly terrifying. I don't like psychedelics yet that is all I will be consuming if I get going on this holiday. Last year it was booze and Valium in Thailand. That was bloody confusing enough to unhinge anyone. I couldn't remember what countries I was passing through, let alone work out the currencies or if  I still in fact even liked my girlfriend (we broke up, but I'm still not sure..... it was all just...... weird. Like watching 2001; a space odyssey hanging upside down while drunk. No sense. At all).

Burning man for the pasty red headed Irishman should be nice. EEK! Very, very hot. I just want some American girls. That's all. I hate hippies but I'll shut my mouth. It'll be difficult. My first trip to America though - yahoo!!! I'm heading over on the 23rd and the Daft Punk gig is two days later back home. Tickets went on sale for fifty quid - A STEAL!!! They will not play Ireland again and we have all been massive fans for many years back here. Their light shows and jaw-misjointing beats are just something else altogether. I watched the videos on the net of their Coachella stuff. Awesome. So I'm kinda jealous and then again, I'm not. If my mate bails on our holiday...actually, lets not discuss that, stay positive...... back next week.

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Shane O'Reilly
Editor, Dublin

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