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by LamontPaul

originally published: December, 2006

I felt tears of pure delight well within at such perfection. In a delightful moment of panto she snatched a neck chain from her man, as she does in the video. Ooooohhhh.

I felt tears of pure delight well within at such perfection. In a delightful moment of panto she snatched a neck chain from her man, as she does in the video. Ooooohhhh.


story by LamontPaul

originally published: December, 2006

Beyonc?© at the American Music Awards and Beyond

In a thrilling red carpet incident at the American Music Awards, Beyonc?©, the woman with the world at her feet, almost trod on Wife X's toes, it would have only been more exciting she had gone ahead and done it.

We were just hanging around the lobby, pondering a second glass of champagne when we saw Beyonc?© standing outside near the doorway, looking Beyond stunning, talking to 'The Insider'. Then, briskly, she swept in, glided perhaps, and as I say, Wife X was caught momentarily in her path. Fronted by her security and holding hands with her friend, it was a most unfamiliar view of a most familiar face. She's the brightest of the world's established pop stars right now, oh in so many ways.

The AMA's were broadcast live on ABC TV, arguably the nation's most popular network, guaranteeing a veritable cavalcade of stars - meaning there was something for everyone to hate, although of course not conversely, not something for everyone to love.

Beyonc?© began the proceedings with a show-starting-stopping and topping performance of 'Irreplaceable,' one of my favorite dump-the-boy-because-you-can-and-so-should songs of all time. For four minutes she was the impeccable incandescent star I need her to be. Her hair fans fired up from the first note and blew perfectly, all Mariah-like and the all female band followed. I felt tears of pure delight well within at such perfection. In a delightful moment of panto she snatched a neck chain from her man, as she does in the video. Ooooohhhh. This is pop perfection. Her voice soars without calisthenics or the histrionics employed elsewhere and she really digs deep inside her songs. Look at Crazy, and look at the scarily possessed performances for Deja Vu.

Very little else remains exceptional from the evening, mainly the acts were dowdy and their song choices dour. Only Jay-Z's charismatic turn of 'Show Me What You Got' and Snoop Dogg with Akon really showed much. It was a three horse races. The others, fell at the first. Although, as presenters, Paris, and especially Britney looked breathtakingly good, on the red carpet, The Game looked sensational.

But Beyonc?© is probably the epitome of glamor, the dictionary definition right now. Did you see the lovely dress she wore while singing on Good Morning America?

So, I was in Hollywood's El Compadre Cantina - a place where I never fail to overhear loser musicians talking about how they're opening their sets with whatever blah blah blah, OMG they bore each other surely, let alone the eavesdroppers, they should be talking about where they'll get their guitar string money now Tower Records is closing down - El Compadre should price out these types, please, but anyway... I was talking with one of my insiders, one of my most trusted voices, The Tastemaker - and while confirming Beyonc?©'s triumph at the AMA's and agreeing to Jay-Z's general agreeability on the show and in general too, from way back when the Tastemaker did New York; I was assured that Beyonc?©'s World Domination won't even be complete until the holiday release of the movie of the musical Dreamgirls. The thinly veiled story of the greatest girl group of all time and Beyonc?©'s even more thinly veiled 'You-Know-Who' star turn.

Don't you ever for a second get to thinking...

Visit the Dreamgirls website for more info


publisher, lamontpaul is currently producing a collection of outsideleft's anti-travel stories for the SideCartel, with a downloadable mumbled word version accompanied by understated musical fabulists, the frozen plastic

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