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Richie Hass and the Importance of Good Vibes

Not normally do we preview much, if anything at all. It's our dim view of things. For Richie Hass and his vibraphone though, well, that's something else. And when a cavalcade of local musicians roll out the barrel for Richie, we want you to be there, we don't want you to miss it...

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by Annemiek, for outsideleft.com
originally published: March, 2007
a huge benefit concert with 16 bands performing, at Safari Sams on March 31st, from 4pm on Saturday afternoon into the early Sunday hours

We all got quite a cold shower in December when we learned that vibraphonist Richie Hass was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of bone marrow cancer. Then, slowly but certainly better news began to drip in: the disease was detected in an early stage, and the prospects for cure are actually pretty good. Since then Richie and his partner, Michelle have been dealing with the treatment: chemotherapy, which we all know too, is no picnic.

Almost immediately FOR (Friends of Richie) was born, and the result is a huge benefit concert with 16 bands performing, at Safari Sams on March 31st, from 4pm on Saturday afternoon into the early Sunday hours. The money raised will go to IMF, the nonprofit organization that has so greatly supported Richie throughout these tough times, and is doing beautiful work in the US. If there is a fun part in all of this, then it's realizing that, boy, Richie, does have a lot of friends, and they are ready to rock&roll for him. And being the trooper that he is, he might even perform himself, of course with a big question mark - depending how he feels.

This is going to be so groovy! A long train of short sets of such musical diversity, Marcel's puppets and a DJ in between bands. I can't wait! Scott Heustis (helped by some good others) took upon himself the immense task of organizing the whole thing, and what a great job already, even before the first note has sounded, if you just look who's playing. The event will be recorded, and a CD will be put out of which the sales proceeds will also go to IMF.

Cover charge is $10, and donations are accepted at the door. In addition to the time schedule below, this e-mail has a little flyer attached to it with all the performers. It should reflect the latest updates & changes. Feel free to print it or pass it along!

Bands Artists include:
Potion Box, Present Tense, Freda Rente' Band, The Adz, Backbiter, The Amadans, Freehead, Vinny Golia, The BellRays, Mike Watt's Missingmen, Marc Mylar Mob, Puttanesca, Saccharine Trust, nOT iN tHE hOUSE, The Atomic Sherpas, Fatso Jetson; with Jaz Kaner, MC and Marcel's Cinnamon Roll Gang puppet show.

For more information contact Scott Heustis at (562) 920-4066
Safari Sam's at (323) 666-7267

For more information about Richie richiehass.com

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