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The Top 50 Most Popular Outsideleft Stories...Ever

Now that's what I call... the most widely read stories published by outsideleft since our time together began...

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by LamontPaul, for outsideleft.com
originally published: July, 2007
Michael, where are you now with your splendid tales of drunken college girls and hot guitarists?
by LamontPaul, for outsideleft.com
originally published: July, 2007
Michael, where are you now with your splendid tales of drunken college girls and hot guitarists?

Since outsideleft record keeping began, March 1st, 2005, these are the top 50 most widely read stories we've published. Here's your chance to walk down memory lane with us and relive the glorious days...

  1. Not Just For Drunk College Girls Anymore. by Alarcon
    The balconies are worth the price of admission alone.
  2. The Top 12 Hottest Female Guitarists Ever by Alarcon
    In the Klingon sense, there is no honor in loving Jewel.
  3. Half naked gothic girls with pussy liquor and stolen babies that were dead by day by Jason R. Nishimoto-Thompson
    As Rob Zombie announces his intention to revisit and re-imagine John Carpenter's Halloween movie, new writer jaycentee gets into a horrifying fan show in Burbank, CA
  4. Kate Moss, Aged 15 by Joe Ambrose
    Corrine Day and Kate Moss went down to Camber Sands with their Stone Roses and Nirvana tapes
  5. The Best Cock and Pussy in Town - Larry Clark Now! by Joe Ambrose
    Meanwhile in London, Joe Ambrose braves the holiday thrall to visit the Sprueth Magers Lee gallery
  6. Your Hall Pass to the Grand Ole Opry by Alex V. Cook
    The trick is that he inserts enough of the Austin country-poet-king authenticity shtick to make his albums transcend the the trap of the pack of cookie cutter country bohunks who have spent about as much time in the saddle as the Wu-Tang Clan
  7. Behind the Counterculture #3 - UK TV Star Jeremy Beadle by Lake
    Anecdotes from the retail frontline
  8. Oops, I Think I'm Pregnant by Alarcon
    Your period's late, your breasts hurt, and you've been throwing up like a frat boy since last Tuesday.
  9. Outsideleft Poll Results by Alarcon
    The 2005 Poll Results - Your Votes Digested by Alarcon
  10. Dynamic Homoerotic Duos: Part 1 by Alarcon
    You can cut the homosexual tension with a butt plug in this movie.
  11. Lewis Black: Angry as Hell, and He's Not Going to Take It Anymore by Alarcon
    There's nothing good about the West Coast unless you're getting paid to do something and you have to be there
  12. Oral Sex Takes a Backseat To No One. by Erin Pipes
    From the way things appear lately, you'd think the blowjob wasn't important at all anymore. Maxim would have you think a good session of anal has knocked oral right off the top of the list of Things Guys Most Wanna Do With Their Penis, but I don't think that's true at all.
  13. Balachadha.com - Pete Doherty's New Website by Joe Ambrose
    A lot of women in London think that Doherty is the most talented or sexiest man alive
  14. Can You Suggest a Non-Phallic Vibrator? by Erin Pipes
    I have no preference and have dated every bush length from King of the Overgrown Outback to Suburban Sculptured Gardens to Barren Lands.
  15. Fuck You, Oprah Winfrey, Fuck You! by Alarcon
    Michael Alarcon calls Oprah Winfrey on her self-righteous shit and expects to get a few pieces of hate email. Bring it on, lemmings.
  16. Morrissey: Ringleader of the Tormentors by Alarcon
    The wait is over, kids. Alarcon gets off his ass and delivers the official record review for Morrissey's forthcoming LP, Ringleader of the Tormentors. Yep, it's a long-winded doozy of a read, but it's the most accurate review you're going to find.
  17. Morbid? Disgusting? Or the future for Nike... Shoes made from human flesh. by Jason R. Nishimoto-Thompson
    Our Man of Horror, Jaycentee investigates the shoe made from human flesh
  18. Don't Fear the Reaper by Alex V. Cook
    I am expecting minions of darkness are readying to ambush me for such heresy, but there it is.
  19. Elizabeth Peyton by Joe Ambrose
    There's a touch of Hockney about some of Peyton's work, but there is also a touch of the guys you see on city street corners offering to do your portrait in charcoal for a tenner
  20. Behind the Counterculture #14: Kate Moss by Lake
    Anecotes from Behind the Retail Frontline
  21. The 10 Greatest Gangbanger Movies - - Ever by Alarcon
    When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way, from your first puff of smoke till your last dying day.
  22. Michael Caine Goes Shopping by Joe Ambrose
    Despite advancing years, party nights were not entirely off the agenda
  23. My Fiancee Gave Me Genital Warts. by Erin Pipes
    I lost my virginity to a jungle gym when I was 7 years old.
  24. The Top 5 Cartoons of Recent Years by Karl Morgan
    Futurama is back, so Karl Morgan gets in some quality TV time and comes back with the best cartoons you should be watching too
  25. Do you have a problem with cob-to-genetalia simulation? by Erin Pipes
    Some clits are larger than others...
  26. Chelsea Hotel Manhattan by Joe Ambrose
    She was gradually brought into the drug business by one Rudolf Dimitrios, bastard son of a phoney from Germany and a Turkish whore...
  27. You Only Hate the Ones You Truly Love by Alex V. Cook
    I'm guessing if I've put this much effort titrating and measuring my love/hate for them, I must really love them lest I wouldn't be obsessing about their status and popping their bra straps all the time.
  28. Insert 'Pussy' Reference Here by Alex V. Cook
    Nashville Pussy's Ruyter Suys more than lives up to the hype "hottest female guitarist of all time"
  29. Cool Movies You've Never Seen by Seth Sherwood
    Seth Sherwood finds a diamond in the rough.
  30. 300 Words From London: Morrissey Live At Alexandra Palace by Lake
    Mayday, mayday. Morrissey moons Muswell Hill.
  31. Five Best Caveman Films - - Ever! by Alarcon
    Who in the hell ruins a perfectly good caveman movie with subtitles?
  32. Charles Barkley: The 5 Minute Interview by Alarcon
    Charles Barkley was nice enough to indulge the outsideLeft in a quickie interview last week. He may not be all that important to you, but can still pull more tail than Sinatra in his prime.
  33. Booty Toting Busty Wenches on a Hot Fleshy Pirates Day by Jason R. Nishimoto-Thompson
    Johnny Depp has a lot to answer for. Jaycentee visits Ventura's first annual Pirates Day
  34. Damien Hirst Presents... by Lake
    Damien Hirst is a very rich man and he has lots of art. And he really wants you to know this.
  35. Starving yourself for 10 days in the name of science by Alarcon
    By the last day, I was practically hallucinating
  36. More Dear Girl by Erin Pipes
    Behold, "Dear Girl... - outsideLeft's version of the tried and true sex column. Erin Pipes, the girl in "dear girl... is a fully qualified expert in the field of sex - mainly because she has the most of it on the staff - so rest assured, you're in good hands.
  37. Crystal Meth, Death and Defining Moments by Alex V. Cook
    I can finally reveal my 4-month secret relationship with the greatest album of the 2000's
  38. Jenny Holzer: Space Ambassador by Joe Ambrose
    Holzer was an appropriately anonymous presence at the London party to launch her new show
  39. Morrissey in Pasadena: Night 1 of 3 by Alarcon
    "Don't cry for me, Pasadena," crooned the evening's headliner, arm elegantly raised up, as he made his way center stage, almost as if he was channeling the dead old bones of Evita Peron herself.
  40. From the Moshpit #13 - LL Cool J - Still Hard as Hell by Joe Ambrose
    LLCoolJ - of the LLCoolJ Diet - "Don't eat anything that tastes good" I think he said once
  41. Tales From The Deep South by Erin Pipes
    Warm, wet, savory and goddamn arousing, what's not to like about licking "the mouth that won't smile"?
  42. All Hell Breaks Loose in the Loveliest way by Alex V. Cook
    Alex's two favorites, Sunn 0))) and Boris help him idly daydream of a joyous Apocalypse on their joint album Altar
  43. Classy Bitch - tales of the talented #1; Paris Hilton by Shane O'Reilly
    She... Who must be dealt with
  44. Sex and the Industry by Jennifer Lynn
    They like money, they like the sex, they like to act, they like to be famous, they like the business.
  45. There's Something About Charlize by Alarcon
    Tom Hanks would hire me before some casting director for some stupid sanitary napkin ad would...
  46. The Elephant Man: Banksy in Los Angeles by Lamont
    Guerrilla artist Banksy lands his mothership down the block. Hipster shock troops heed the call-up and report in droves. Judging by the number of camera crews, this is one revolution that will be televised. Oh, and there was a live elephant to make it a real circus. (comment by whalt)
  47. Wilmer: Today's Lorenzo Lamas or Tomorrow's Latka Gravas? by Alarcon
    Soccer was fine until America got a hold of it.
  48. Robotic Giraffes and Other Tall Stories... by Lamont
    Shirts off to David Beckham, (above) he's back in the World Cup.
  49. The Power of the Whore's Bath. by Andy Allison
    It's not that Allison is against bathing, he just likes all the free time not showing provides him.
  50. The Back is the new front. by Erin Pipes
    One of the girls at school claims she can only have an orgasm via anal sex.
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