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Moments Tell

A new poem from Debra Ifill

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by Debra Ifill, for outsideleft.com
originally published: October, 2007
Moments Tell - A new poem by Debra Ifill

Moments cross my mind with you

Abound up there.

- You run for spells,

Free to caress

The peculiar things

To hold them and

Shake them near your ear,

To see if the sound

Is a rattle, or a whistle or the ocean.

Place them

neatly where you found them

or steal a souvenir.

It's the moments that go missing

When I make the attic of my home my porch,

And leave you

Wandering without me,

Still listening for bells.

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Debra Ifill

Debra lives in New York and is the coolest

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