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Tricked out animals for Pet Treats

Halloween. It's scary out there. So over the next few weeks our haunted maestro Jason is checking out all that is scary in SoCal, beginning with Dogs...

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by Jaycentee, for outsideleft.com
originally published: October, 2007
I 'd want my pet to be Robin, my kid to be Batman, and me be the Joker. I guess I'd have the get an animal and a kid first before that happens... Any takers???

Halloween'd out animals. Some people call it torture, some call it cute. I like to call it "Get your ass in gear and get some candy any way you can..." If a cute dog or cat dressed up like some stupid iconic person will get you the goods why not use your pet.

I have seen a few dressed up pets in my days as an avid haunter all that is the holiday we call Halloween, but I am still amazed at what some people come up with. Now it been said that dressing up your pet is a form of animal cruelty, if so is dressing your kids up a form of child abuse?

I just don't care about all of that crap and if I had a kid I would make him dress in an oufit I would, of course, have loved to be in. Back then my parents couldn't afford much but they sure let me do what I wanted, and the items we just couldn't afford my mom made them. Today's parents (of children and animals) are finding out that Halloween is becoming as expensive as that other holiday with all of the lights. You can go to your local costume shop to find pet gear and child gear. Both are about the same in price. I'd dress with my kid too, but, have you seen the price of the adult costumes? Outrageous! I 'd want my pet to be Robin, my kid to be Batman, and me be the Joker. I guess I'd have the get an animal and a kid first before that happens... Any takers???

In the meanwhile, sit back and enjoy these scary animal outfits.

Halloween petsChiquita banana dogs on the loose - they are a slippery bunch

Halloween petsThe Unknown Comic Dog - "hey I got this cat joke, let me try it out on you..."

Halloween petsGangster dog getting ready to rob the local pet store.

Halloween petsDoing battle with evil and good. Those starff wars dogs. May the barks be with you.

Halloween petsThe very cool Medieval Horse dog. I mean that dog has to be huge when a human can ride one, where do they grow those?

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