The OUTSIDELEFT NIGHT OUT is a joyous thing, and it will return and be so again. Once we get through this together.

We are hugely disappointed to announce that all events are cancelled for the foreseeable future. I hope you understand our reasoning. We can't in good conscience risk your wellbeing, the wellbeing Why Not's staff, the artists that perform and members of the community. And what about us, we are old!



A New Playlist every day

All OUTSIDELEFT Nights Out events are cancelled for the foreseeable future. As a poor replacement for the fun we've lost, OUTSIDELEFT writers, friends, special people who have featured in OUTSIDELEFT and people who you'll be hearing a lot more about when normal service is eventually resumed, have been drawing up OUTSIDELEFT NIGHT IN playlists and are putting them on Spotify for us. We'll publish a new one every day...

We chose Spotify because, anyone can listen...

Staying indoors, leaving your home as little as possible is the only right thing to do, although, I have to say we are already developing curtain twitching, Stasi-esque traits as we see people walking by... So, the OUTSIDELEFT Playlists are an important distraction for us too...

There'll be a new OUTSIDELEFT NIGHT IN Playlist at some time or other every day... and they'll all be archived here...

Incredible Music is on the Way!

Simon Framework

Listen at 1pm




Yé-yé girls and old French pop might be too uptempo for these sobering days, but Alarcon put this playlist together hoping it'll keep you off social media for an hour. (Two hours if you play it twice.)

Jason Lewis

It's not the use of fruity language that upsets me whenever I play Jarvis Cocker's debut solo song, it's the depressing fact that "*** are STILL running the world. It's the weariness of knowing that ninety years after Florence Reece wrote 'Which Side Are You On' as mine owners were finding ways of humiliating her union organiser husband, that the bosses children's children are still up to no good.

And so, this is a playlist of protest songs. Some old, some new and so many matters that STILL need to be addressed. But in amongst it all is Joan Baez offering solidarity and a glimmer of hope.

DJ Jukebox Malkin

Drummers, always the drummers. Tony Allen and Bohannon whom we both sadly lost last month, set the syncopation for this Saturday, with Allen Toussaint providing uplifting New Orleanian rolling piano and that second-line rhythm. Then there is the insistent disco hi-hat from John Gibbs and the US Steel Orchestra taking us to Trinidad...gotta give those drummers some!

DJ Damon Hayhurst

DJ Damon ushers in the weekend with King Tubby and a disparate variety of good friends...

Toon Traveller

Toon Traveller is as we have mentioned coooling his jets, stowing that gold plated pension that enabled him to eulogize the farthest corners of the world. Far from Newcastle, at least... So. Music... It's half the reason he travels, we're sure, not letting live music come to him, he goes out to find it...
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