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Most Read... Outsideleft 2019Most Read... Outsideleft 2019
by LamontPaul
Our most widely read stories of 2019...
Neva Neva LandNeva Neva Land
by Meave Haughey
Revisiting CD Rose's The Neva Star has Meave Haughey shedding tears over jaunty European scarves and cheeses
This is the Book of BirminghamThis is the Book of Birmingham
by Ancient Champion
In the Conservatoire. With a Lectern. Anthology Authors.
Outsideleft Big OnesOutsideleft Big Ones
by LamontPaul
25 of our biggest stories of the year so far
CD Rose: It's OverCD Rose: It's Over
by Ancient Champion
The curtain comes down on CD Rose Week at Outsideleft with the launch of our new episodic list item... I'd Go To The Ends of the Earth To Never Hear These Songs Again
CD Rose Has an Answer for EverythingCD Rose Has an Answer for Everything
by LamontPaul
Author CD Rose answers everything we ask and reveals so much more
CD Rose Week: Who's Who When Everyone is Someone ElseCD Rose Week: Who's Who When Everyone is Someone Else
by LamontPaul
CD Rose Week in Outsideleft is booting up with an excerpt from his critically acclaimed new novel
It's CD Rose Week in Outsideleft!It's CD Rose Week in Outsideleft!
by LamontPaul
CD Rose, author of Who's Who When Everyone Is Someone Else, spends the week with outsideleft

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Residency 4: Kitty and the Kowalskis
Your Hall Pass to the Grand Ole Opry
Three Nights Deep Inside the Moshpit
Moshpit #1 its here
300 Words From London: Where Are You, You Bastard?
In defence of Lars Von Trier's Antichrist.
If You Could Just Keep Your Weed In It Too...
Melvins' side project that will (cough cough hack cough).... no what were we talking about
Rock Out With Your Hitchcock Out
Three composers, Norway's Kaada, Iceland's Mugison and former Bad Seed Barry Adamson, all demonstrate what its like on the movie set in their heads.
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