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Neva Neva LandNeva Neva Land
by Meave Haughey
Revisiting CD Rose's The Neva Star has Meave Haughey shedding tears over jaunty European scarves and cheeses
This is the Book of BirminghamThis is the Book of Birmingham
by Ancient Champion
In the Conservatoire. With a Lectern. Anthology Authors.
Outsideleft Big OnesOutsideleft Big Ones
by LamontPaul
25 of our biggest stories of the year so far
CD Rose: It's OverCD Rose: It's Over
by Ancient Champion
The curtain comes down on CD Rose Week at Outsideleft with the launch of our new episodic list item... I'd Go To The Ends of the Earth To Never Hear These Songs Again
CD Rose Has an Answer for EverythingCD Rose Has an Answer for Everything
by LamontPaul
Author CD Rose answers everything we ask and reveals so much more
CD Rose Week: Who's Who When Everyone is Someone ElseCD Rose Week: Who's Who When Everyone is Someone Else
by LamontPaul
CD Rose Week in Outsideleft is booting up with an excerpt from his critically acclaimed new novel
It's CD Rose Week in Outsideleft!It's CD Rose Week in Outsideleft!
by LamontPaul
CD Rose, author of Who's Who When Everyone Is Someone Else, spends the week with outsideleft

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300 Words From London: More Rubbish
Look out, wombles about... or the fine art of bin diving... or how to play FISH!
Until The Heat Leaves
A very welcome, new, meditative piece from the exceptional Irish writer, Chris Connolly
Your Resumé Is A Piece Of Crap.
Andy Allison has written what may be one of the greatest self-help articles in the history of the internet. Mouth-breathing unemployables take note.
Joseph and Joseph take a Fresh approach to the rim
Know Your Product: Joseph & Joseph's Flex Plus Smart Toilet Brush
Queens of the Underground - The Rolling Stones
joe ambrose/marsha hunt rolling stones appreciation society.
Hear Evil, See Evil, Be Evil
Calexico, Neko Case and Carla Bozulich pave a primrose path from bliss to hell in their recent releases
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