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Campfire Kids

For one night only Germa Adan and Millicent Chapanda...

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by Lee Paul, for outsideleft.com
Millcent and Germa do it again

It's Saturday Night and pretty much live music starvation is making you mean to people you otherwise love...

Tonight at 6pm and 8:45pm Outsideleft favorites and stars of our recent prorogued Outsideleft Night Out series, Millicent Chapanda and Germa Adan will be performing live for a couple of hours at the Campfire Club at Master Shipwright's Palace, Watergate Street, London, SE8 3JF.

I am reliably informed if you can get along, there's a bar and is, according to the Campfire Club, the venue is "ideal for holding a small, socially-distanced audience".  What's not to love?

Millicent and Germa are both so great that it will probably sell out (you can see for yourself here: Campfire Club | Millicent Chapanda, Germa Adan).

If the tickets are gone, the for you late adopters, of tickets, the Campfire Club: Live, a livestream of the 6pm performance...

You can watch from anywhere with a decent wifi signal, so you don't have to miss out.

Germa Adan

Millicent Chapanda

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Lee Paul

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