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Thee Bigs All of March's most widely read stories all in one place...

Thee Bigs

All of March's most widely read stories all in one place...

by LamontPaul, Founder & Publisher
first published: April, 2024

approximate reading time: minutes

The biggest of Outsideleft's stories published in March 2024

The top 20 most widely read stories in Outsideleft in March? Here they are all in one place...

  1. Voices From The Streets by Alan Rider
    There was a time when fanzines represented the purest form of youthful self-expression, as Matthew Worley's book 'Zerox Machine' reveals
  2. And Now It's All This by Jay Lewis
    Micky Greaney delivers his masterpiece
  3. Loving American Soul in Middle England by Urs Lerch
    Urs Lerch talks to Lee Christian about his eclectic approach to song...
  4. A Conversation: David Benjamin Blower & Duncan Jones by Duncan Jones
    Poet, author, social care-ist Duncan Jones talks at length about ending, hope, singing and more with David Benjamin Blower
  5. Sunday Morning Poet: Laura Jane Round by OL House Writer
    Round's poems feel like company and understanding in a way few have been...
  6. Sunday Morning Poet: Glyn Phillips by OL House Writer
    'Bloody Poets!' is a preview of Glyn's forthcoming collection.
  7. Outsideleft Night Out at Cork's with Monroe Moon by OL House Writer
    Friday April 5th, Free Live Music and DJ Sets at Cork's in Bearwood
  8. Short Story Orgy #1: Going Round The Bend by Kiah Cranston
    Kiah Cranston inaugurates Outsideleft's new series of short sharp fiction...
  9. Rhythm de Janeiro by Sofia Ribeiro Willcox
    Sofia Ribeiro Willcox Listens in to the Rhythm of Rio
  10. Mark Mothersbaugh is Averting Evil, OK by John Robinson
    John Robinson flicks through Apotropaic Beatnik Graffiti, Mark Mothersbaugh's singularly handsome new art book
  11. Kahil El'Zabar's Latest Invitation - I Accept It Gladly by Paul Mortimer
    Paul Mortimer's with the Ethnic Heritage Ensemble
  12. Sunday Morning Poet: Sallyanne Rock by OL House Writer
    Rock's poetry is '...unflinching yet cautious, brutal yet tender, beautiful in (it's) sadness'
  13. Riding The Black Maria by Alan Rider
    Its Attrition Week in Outsideleft (part one)
  14. Dancing to the Music of the Machines by Alan Rider
    Alan Rider wonders whether AI is here to kill off creativity or to save it?
  15. Black Country Primitive by LamontPaul
    Lu Warm: Gnome Standard - Track by Track
  16. One Horse Rider by Alan Rider
    Attrition have just released their first full studio album for almost a decade. Alan Rider unravels the story behind it, and more, with Martin Bowes in the first of a two-part interview.
  17. Be Silent No More by Alan Rider
    Attrition's 17th studio album may have taken almost a decade to arrive, but it was well worth the wait
  18. The Truth in Dark Corners by Alan Rider
    In the second part of our interview, Alan Rider digs a bit deeper into the mystery wrapped in an enigma that is Attrition
  19. Beats from Brum's Station Street: The Heart of England by Sofia Ribeiro Willcox
    Concrete was coming for the Metal HQ. People like Jez Collins of the Birmingham Music Archive stepped up and stopped it.
  20. Shabaka Does Whatever He Wants To Do by Toon Traveller
    Toon Traveler says... Maybe a little more of what I want, after all?

Founder & Publisher

Publisher, Lamontpaul founded outsideleft with Alarcon in 2004 and is hanging on, saying, "I don't know how to stop this, exactly."

Lamontpaul portrait by John Kilduff painted during an episode of John's TV Show, Let's Paint TV

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