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Track by Track - Attrition's - The Black Maria A track by track

Track by Track - Attrition's - The Black Maria

A track by track

by Alan Rider, Contributing Editor
first published: March, 2024

approximate reading time: minutes

THE GREAT DERAILER - 'Alpha male manipulators...' A cautionary tale from some place along the Corruption, Perception Index

Our Attrition Weeks climaxes with founder and leading light Martin Bowes talking us through the new album (their 17th) ‘The Black Maria’ track by track, for which he opted for a singular sort of prose. What a great Week this has been, and now for one final time, over to Martin...


“Be silent, Be submissive... speak when spoken to.”
Alia, Vancorvid. Galia, Sin.
A Host of Angels calling us from the far side of Martin's dissonant analogue electronic rhythms and drones …
(Discover pleasure, losing...)
There is a reason to stand up. To listen.

“Alpha male manipulators..”
A cautionary tale from some place along the Corruption, Perception Index.
Guest vocals from the wonderful Emke of Black Nail Cabaret. Telling a story of state and religious manipulation and control, and ultimate downfall.  Tables do turn.
Anni Hogan joins us on grand piano. Steve Clarke and Ian Arkley on guitars, Marietta Fox and Vancorvid play the violins. Martin on electronics. And samples
“All our Gods, and imitators...(All entertain you)”
The first single from the album. Remade for now.
“ There’s a child in the room. With a permanent view...”
The return of original ATTRITION vocalist Julia Waller after a more than 20 year hiatus.
The child becomes a man. And sometimes this child knows more.
Dissecting the silence, as he isolates you”
Anni Hogan on grand piano. Martin on electronics. And samples

The middle pillar. Inspired by the captured machine sounds of the Toronto Undergound.  (Ossington station to be precise) Blended with electronics. A music concrete. Serenaded by the voice of operatic Mexican chanteuse Elisa Day.

The second coming of A Girl called Harmony (although a different girl)
“I am the perfect Alibi (If not the perfect bride)”
Yvette Winkler (of Dutch act Vaselyne) and Joanna Wolf join Martin on this story of Love and decay.
Maybe the universal story. Brought to life with Anni Hogan's grand piano, Ian Arkley's guitar, Kris Force, Vancorvid and Marietta Fox's strings and Elisa on operatic interludes... Martin on electronics. And samples
I’m crowded by violence,And burning all the bridges (I have tried)”
The new single from the album. Remade for now.

Be silent. Be submissive.... A call back. This isnt going away anytime soon....a timely reminder, with Vancorvid on violin and Kris Force on cello, (and the sound of an industrial Bristol)
Voices and strings weave around Martin's analogue electronics.

“Forcing you to attempt the impossible...
Tokyo Rose is talking. From WW2 propaganda to your house now, and tells how everything changes and everything stays the same...
Anni Hogan on grand piano. Ian Arkley on guitar. Vanorvid on violin. Kris Force on Cello. Elisa Day sings as Rome burns?. A brooding, low drone captures the dissonant mood before the impending onslaught.
Part one commissioned as part of the Coventry City of Culture collection 2021
“See you again tomorrow... (those of you who are left to listen)”

“Like the blind man of Europe... I am the very least, Ascetic Priest”
The great British mistake (a personal reflection) Be careful what you wish for.
Julia may be found here again on vocals. Her second return. And Steve Clarke on bass. And Kris Force on cello. Martin on electronics. And samples
“Open the 25 minute window”.

‘The Black Maria’ on Two Gods is out now in all formats and can be ordered direct from Bandcamp 

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Order ‘The Black Maria’ in all formats from Bandcamp 

Alan Rider
Contributing Editor

Alan Rider is a Norfolk based writer and electronic musician from Coventry, who splits his time between excavating his own musical past and feeding his growing band of hedgehogs, usually ending up combining the two. Alan also performs in Dark Electronic act Senestra and manages the indie label Adventures in Reality.

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