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by Pixievic, for outsideleft.com
Vote to change this sick regime
by Pixievic, for outsideleft.com
Vote to change this sick regime


My Privilege
Means I am able to turn off
Sickening images on social media
When my eyes have had enough
My Privilege
Gives me an advantageous chance
To block people from my life
Because of their racist stance
My Privilege
Allows me to quote ‘The Dream’
Agreeing from a distance
Sympathising with the screams
My Privilege
Gives me freedom to stand & fight
Without fear of repercussions
If I get locked up over night
My Privilege
Allows me to shame our History
To believe it’s all behind us
Our ancestors callus acts of cruelty
My Privilege
Has allowed me to believe
That the simple act of writing this
Doesn’t make me clueless & naive
My Privilege
Means I must not ‘try’ to empathise
Because I have absolutely no idea
What it’s like to live a black mans life
My Privilege
Means I have a responsibility
To teach future generations
That colour IS something you must see
My Privilege
Gives me the chance to change
The endless cries of ‘All Lives Matter‘
To a better, more healthier exchange
My Privilege
Was given to me by my kin
Not in coins or land
But through the colour of my skin
I did not ask to have it
But I have it non the less
And I have an opportunity
To use it for the best
To Learn, to Educate
To stop this misguided continuation
That We, all of the Privileged
Have learned from education
We can not change the History
But we must learn from Now
That the history is still repeating
And it is down to how
We choose to use our Privilege
So Stop posting silly memes
Challenge racist comments
Vote to change this sick regime
My Privilege, White Privilege
Releases a taste that’s sour
Our Privilege is in remembering
That the Shame
Is Still Ours

© 2020 Pixievic

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Pixievic is a commanding performer who draws you into her physical stillness with not much more than the mesmeric quality of her velvety voice and an occasional raised eyebrow. Vicki writes of human experience that is instantly recognisable and although much of her work is personal, intimate even, it speaks to us all.


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