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The Wythenshawe Plasterers Outsideleft favourite Neil Campbell is the Sunday Morning Poet

The Wythenshawe Plasterers

Outsideleft favourite Neil Campbell is the Sunday Morning Poet

by Neil Campbell,
first published: June, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

The Wythenshawe Plasterers, a poem from Neil Campbell's new collection, Lolling Back Knackered on the Plastic Seats is the very end of your weekend


This week's Sunday Morning Poet is a particular Outsideleft favourite, Neil Campbell. Campbell is the author of fiction about working. His most recent collection of short stories, Licensed Premises, is published by Salt. This poem, The Wythenshawe Plasterers is from a new collection, Lolling Back Knackered on the Plastic Seats. Neil is one of the most important writers alive today.


The Wythenshawe Plasterers

Man on! they shout
the Wythenshawe plasterers
& beer-bellied lads next door.

I can just imagine the game
though there’s a wall &
a fence between them & me.

They are all chasing
the heavy, muddied ball
labourers & artists both

like all men, sometimes sliding in
for a brutal commingling of limbs
other times floating a pass above

the mud, or timing a volley
that flicks into the netting
& leaves a split-second of silence

before applause for sport itself.

© Neil Campbell

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Main image by Jill Burrow

Neil Campbell

Author Neil Campbell is from Manchester in the UK. His next collection of short stories, Licensed Premises, will be published by Salt in October 2022. Previously, Neil published three novels, two collections of flash fiction, two collections of short stories, two poetry chapbooks and a poetry collection. He's prolific.
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