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Sunday Morning Poet: R.M. Francis R.M. Francis delivers Crepuscular Rays for a Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning Poet: R.M. Francis

R.M. Francis delivers Crepuscular Rays for a Sunday Morning

by OL House Writer,
first published: September, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

"Earthy, Gutteral, Sexual, Course..." Emma Purshouse on R.M. Francis' Chain Coral Chorus

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For this week's Sunday Morning Poem we turn to the esteemed poet, novelist and educator R.M. Francis. Rob is no stranger to Outsideleft as you'll know if you visited Outsideleft during our R.M. Francis Week here⇒. Rob's latest poetry collection, The Chain Coral Chorus, was described by laureate Emma Purshouse as "Earthy, Gutteral, Sexual and Course..." there's a review by Mike Fox here⇒. An earlier Sunday Morning Poet entry 'Fight To The Bell' is here⇒. Now, over to Rob and his brief, beautiful and perfectly formed Crepuscular Rays.



I saw
this little gap
in the cloud
where photons blazed
and the wisps of condensed
moistures limbed out like fungal fingers in a petri dish.
Fractals: unfurling spring brackens.

This miniscule moment, 
gawping down on me;
just idling

and breeze shifted
and a leaf fell
then it was gone.

© R.M. Francis

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Main image by Min An (pexels)
It's R.M. Francis Week in Outsideleft, here⇒



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