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Sunday Morning Poet: Double Dose, Part 1 A rare Sunday Morning Poet Double Dose, Part 1 Paul Mortimer pines for Amy...

Sunday Morning Poet: Double Dose, Part 1

A rare Sunday Morning Poet Double Dose, Part 1 Paul Mortimer pines for Amy...

by OL House Writer,
first published: September, 2023

approximate reading time: minutes

Today's double dose of Sunday Morning Poetry begins with Paul Mortimer, frequenter of the Evening of Creativity, DJ, lifelong music fanatic and as we see here, a heartfelt fan of Amy Winehouse

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This week we are going for it in Sunday Morning Poetry land with two entries, the first being from a new contributor to Outsideleft, Paul Mortimer who we first met at the long running Evening of Creativity. Paul is a music fanatic and DJ's at any event that calls for a little soulful psychedelia...



It’s a shame about Amy; what a talent, what a voice
An idol to her fans, the critics’ star of choice

Yes – Hello to Arlo Parks, Adele and Celeste
But I just have to tell you: Amy was the best!

I hope you won’t think I’m just being silly
If I should compare her to Sarah, Ella and Billie

She sang the blues to tell us that tears dried on their own
But way down deep inside, she was oh-so alone

Genius is so fragile; tears might follow that smile
She couldn’t second that emotion or defeat her mental commotion

The paparazzi hounded her, compounding all her suffering
They call them ‘the gutter press’ - and that is not for nothing

Her death was our wake-up call, why watch heroes falter and fall?
Cherish them, nurture them, they can’t be on your 24/7 call

So, drugs, drink and demons took her from us, she was just 27
And she now sings with Janis, Brian and Jimi, way up there in Heaven

© Paul Mortimer

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Main image, Amy Winehouse by Rama, CC BY-SA 2.0 FR via Wikimedia Commons



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